Friday, February 07, 2014

Solution for fetch BNPL Parcels in Despatch 7.9 - Counter 0

Solution BNPL article booked from BNPL Parcel

In most of the offices are facing issues with despatch BNPL Parcels in Despatch module due to improper upgradation.

CEPT Provide Solution for this issues to fix the fetch articles from BNPL Parcel Net Software in Despatch 7.9


  1. Download Attached scripts given by CEPT.
  2. Execute Once all the attached scripts using MM Script Tool.
  3. Fetch the BNPL Parcels Using Counter Number "0".



Solution for Postman 7.9 abnormal delay in invoicing

CEPT Solution for abnormal Delay in invoicing in Postman 7.9

In Most Of the Post Offices faced the Invoicing issue in Postman 7.9 after update 9.  CEPT Provide Solution for this issue.
Postman Backup  should be taken and getting proper permission from your DO before applying the solution


  1. CEPT Provide exl for delete Old data.
  2. Download the attached script from PoTools
  3. Execute Once Using MM Script Tool.


Delete Old Data exl


Delete all old data in Postman Module using Postman Supervisor under Tools Option.This may be done after getting proper permission from your Higher authority.