Friday, February 28, 2014

Office Not Upgraded to Version 7.9 in Parcel Net Website

Office Not Upgraded status in Parcel Net

Now we can check the status of Meghdhoot version 7.9 in parcel Net website such as 

We can check Latest version status in Parcel Net

1. Login below mentioned website using login credential‎

2. Under Reports Option > Offices No upgraded to Version 7.9

3. Click on your circle name > Division Name and Office Name to detailed version information.

Weblink Dated 24.02.14 by SrFix

Weblink Dated 24.02.2014


  1. Messages,
  2. Alert Messages,
  3. Instant Messaging ,
  4. Hiding IE when Esc key pressed
  5. Sleep Weblink
  6. are removed to make it work smoothly in sify environment.

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