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R Net Communication 4.0 String / Binary Issues and Solution

Solution for R Net Communication 4.0 String / Binary 

After COD we have faced many Issues in Postman , Despatch, Treasury and Sub accounts. Now days in many Sub offices are dealing CODs without any Issues.

In Some offices while running R Net Communication it shows an error message as String or binary data would be truncated. The Statement has been terminated.

It may problem with COD Article Message data. Some times articles were booked without Prescribed format in Addressee Name / Addressee address.  Those Messages are received at in Delivery Office by R Net Communication RXD Folder.

But R Net Communication was not able to Unzip/Unload the Received data due to Incorrect format/Syntax.
So not able to upload and It shows an error message as String or binary data would be truncated.


  1. Excessive length of address field or name field beyond the prescribed database limit. 
  2. Temperory fix can be opening the gsq files in Rxd data folder.
  3. Open them with notepad to find the offending file. 
  4. cut and keep the file safe and run the rnet again and check data folder is empty.
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DB Analyzer dated 18.03.2014 for Sanchay Post

DB Analyzer Revised Dated 18.03.2014

DB Analyzer Revised version has been Release and More Discrepancies were included for CBS Migration Process. 
  1. New Revised DB Analyzer can verify Nearly 360  discrepancies.
  2. Most of the Discrepancies not able to Extract. i.e No Option to view some Discrepancies


From PoTools

Licence of RD Customer Package Agent Report renewed

Licence of RD Customer Package Agent Report

The developer of the Agent Report software has released new executable fie with extended licence.  The licence of Agent Report software can be renewed by replacing the existing exe file with new file.   

Installation Steps

1.       Download the zip file from the following download link and unzip the same

2.       Copy the AgentReport.exe to the installation path of RD Customer Package by replacing the old file.  The default location will be C:\Program Files\RD Customer Package

Download Link



Note: For the fresh installation download the required setup file from following link and follow the above said steps

Fresh Installation


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