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Pamhplet on Saving Schemes Interest Rates & Maturity Values w.e.f 01.04.2014

Saving Schemes Interest Rates & Maturity Values w.e.f 01.04.2014

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New COD Disaster Recovery option in ParcelNet Update 7.9.1

Disaster Recovery option for Delivered COD articles is available in the new Parcel Net update 29.03.2014.  COD articles which are received in the Post Office 7 days back or earlier only will be available for use in Disaster Recovery option.    Further, as per the orders of Directorate the Disaster Recovery option will be available only for the COD articles received by the Post Offices before 31.03.2014.  Following are the procedure to be followed for using Disaster Recovery option.

a)       Data entry by the Postman Operator

First, the Operator needs to enter the disposal details of all the COD articles by going to the option
Postman Operator-> Tools->Disaster Recovery for Parcel COD.

In this option, all the pending COD articles which are received by the office more than 7 days back, will be displayed to the Operator.  Select the article then enter COD deliver Date and Deliver Remark and click OK button.

The screen looks like this:

b)       Verification by Supervisor:

Articles which are delivered  Under Disaster Recovery option, should be verified by Supervisor on the same day. Select the article and click Verify Button .    This feature is added under Postman Supervisor->Tools->Parcel COD disaster Verification.  The Supervisor verification screen looks like below:

After the verification by the Supervisor, the RNet Communication transmits the data to the ParcelNet Server.   In the ParcelNet server, the data will be updated as delivered.