Sunday, April 20, 2014

Fonts for DOP by SRFix

As per India Post Brand Identity Manual 2011, Standard lettering in Devanagari and Roman scripts is recommended as Post Office Standard Kruti Dev 100 and Post Office Standard Century for the Brand Name and Logo. These  are  to be used for writing the text in Hindi and English respectively. 

If printing of Visiting Cards, Letterheads, Envelops or Print Advertisements are planned locally, then the fonts said above should be available in the System. Else, mutilation of fonts will take place.

( Contains Kruti Dev 100 and Century TTF files)

If you use Unicode applications for typing Hindi, (eg BarahaPad) you might have used Mangal font. This can be converted to Kruti Dev 100 either online or through Converter application.

Online Converter:

Converter Tool :
Mangal To Kruti Converter v1.6
can also be used to generate Kruti Dev File from unicode file.
Details at:


Tip : Type in Word Document    Hkkjrh; Mkd
Select Font Kruti Dev 100