Monday, May 12, 2014

CBS Migration Tools version Updated

Latest Version of CBS Pre Migration Tools

CBS Pre Migration Tools are very useful to settle the Database Discrepancies, some new discrepancies were added in the newer version. so that we have to update the latest version and clear discrepancies for CBS Migration. 

Data Profiling Tool:

Version : Data Profiling Tool v3.1
Dated   : 08.05.2014

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Pre Migration Tool:

Version : Pre Migration Tool v3.0
Dated   : 09.05.2014

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DB Analyzer 18.03.2014:

Version : Revised version 08.05.2014
Dated   : 08.05.2014

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DB Analyzer 18.03.2014 Revised Dated 08.05.2014

DB Analyzer Revised Version dated 08.05.2014

DMCC released its latest DBA 18.03.2014 with DBA Add-on 08.05.2014 to settle the DBA Discrepancies. 

  • DBA Consolidated Report can Generate Summary and Individual Reports
  • This is very useful to find out the Account Numbers having Discrepancies.
  • All POs should be upgrade the latest version and clear the discrepancies for  CBS Migration.


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Download DB Analyzer with DBA+

Clear Discrepancies of Signature Size more than 25 Kbs

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