Thursday, May 22, 2014

Fix Switch to / Retry in Meghdhoot Modules

Switch to / Retry in Meghdhoot Modules

After Sify Network Migration, Many Offices were faced the issue with MM Modules Switch to / Retry error in Point of Sale, Sub Account, Treasury, SB Cash,Accountant.

Reasons may be

  1. Network Related Issues
  2. Process Application Issues
  3. Domain Access Issues

Network Issues

The Most Common reason is Network Issues, Our MM Software's were developed using the Visual Basic. More users trying to access the same database some of the Applications related to that database require time to access the databases.
Error occurs
  • Server
  • All Client/Node PC connected with server


Restart the Server is a Temporary Solution.

Process Issues

This is also the common issues due to lack of memory to process the application. We have Only old PC's with Latest Application software.
Error occurs
  • Particular PC/Server with Lack of Memory


  1. Increase the Physical Memory.
  2. Increase Virtual Memory.
  3. Use Hijack this to remove the Unwanted program running at background. visit for more info
  4. Process limited number of application at the Same time -temporary solution.

Domain Issues

Some time This issues occurred when problem with domain.  This issue Occurs in
  • Server.
  • All Client / Node Machine.


If Issues only with Client Machine
  • Rejoin with Server Domain using Network ID.
  • User Permission should be Administrator/ Related to Administrator.
If Issues with Both Server and Client Machine
  • Remove the domain.
  • Create Domain with same name using Server OS CD.
  • Rejoin all the Node / Client Machine.

Pre Requisite Softwares for MacCamish PC

MacCamish Pre-requisite Softwares

Dear SAs, Kindly install the following Pre-requisite Software's in all the identified Sub offices and Head Office for MacCamish URL Access.

1. Update Windows XP SP1/ SP2 to SP3

Download Windows XP Service Pack 3

2. Internet Explorer 8

Download and Install Internet Explorer 8 in Windows XP Service Pack 3

3. Java Run Time

Download and Install JRE in Windows XP Service Pack 3

4. Adobe Reader Reader 

Download and Install Adobe Reader in Windows XP Service Pack 3

5. Symantec Antivirus given by TCS 

Install Symantec Antivirus as per instruction received from TCS. Procedure available at CEPT

Note: Above Link accessible in Private Network not in Sify.