Friday, May 23, 2014

Non Receipt of Missent COD article in Despatch Module 7.9.1

Missent COD articles Fetch issues in Despatch Module

After Upgrade Parcel Net 7.9.1, in some of the offices COD article unable to fetch in Despatch Module 7.9.1.


  1. Mis-sent Redirected COD articles not able to fetch in Despatch 7.9.1
  2. Those COD articles reflected COD Deposit in Postman.

Issues because of 

  • Due to non up-gradation of intermediate updates.
  • Non updation of eCounter database due to script Error.
  • Improper Sequence Updation

Procedure to Execute

  • Download attached eCounter Script from PoTools.
  • Execute at Once using Script Tool.
  • Now you can fetch the missent redirected articles in Despatch Modules.



After Upgrade eCounter, Mis Sent Redirect COD - fetch in Despatch Module. This exl does not update already Missent redirected CODs.