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Data Profiling Tool v3.2 dated 09.06.2014

Data Profiling Tool v3.2 dated 09.06.2014

Data Profiling Tool is used to find out the detailed discrepancies of Sanchay Post databases. Download and Execute latest version DPT for find more discrepancies.

Download Latest version of DPT V3.2


Note : always check latest version in SDC before going to execute DPT.

Solution for Accounts_Having_Invalid_Nominee_Minor_Flag _Count

Solution for Accounts_Having_Invalid_Nominee_Minor_Flag_Count

After the release of DPT version 3.2 all offices are struggling with new discrepancy “Accounts_H​aving_Inva​lid_Nomine​e_Minor_Fl​ag_Count”. You can simply solve this issue by following the steps below.

1. Take the backup of POST database.
2. Download the PreMigration Tool( 06.06.2014) from the below link.

3. Stop all the works in Sanchaya post module.

4. Run the PreMigUpdt.exe and wait for the completion message.

5. Run consolidated report from the new DBAnalyzer.

6 Check whether the discrepancies have been solved or not.

Start your regular work after confirming that your Sanchypost online module is working fine without any data loss. If any problem faced in the Sanchayapost you have to restore the post database.

Download PreMigration Tool


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