Monday, June 23, 2014

Postman Revised exe given by CEPT to fix COD Issues

New Postman.exe Given by CEPT

The new executable file can be downloaded from the following download link.  The issues related to the resend request of Cash On Delivery articles will be solved in this new release. 


Thanks to postbankofindia

Shortcut keys for Finacle

Function Key Shortcut in Finacle

F1           Field Level Help

F2           List

F3/Esc   Quit/Back

F4         Accept

F5        Background Menu

F6        Next block/ Next Page

F9       View Signatures

F10     Commit

F11     Validates & takes the user to Next Field.

ShortCut Key Combinations for Finacle

TAB/Enter    Next Field

CTRL + X    Paste current date

CTRL + D    Page Down

CTRL + U    Page UP

CTRL + E    Explode/Drilldown

CTRL + F    Clear Field

SHIFT + F4  Select from list

Tool for Delete Duplicate COD Revised version

Tool for Delete Duplicate COD

Duplicate COD messages can delete using the Revised Tool.



Sivakumar N
System Administrator
Kollam Division             Thanks to : Postbankofindia.