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CCleaner Network Edition for System Administrator

Introducing a new efficient way to use CCleaner in the business and enterprise world. CCleaner Network Edition, is a scalable network version of CCleaner that allows remote deployment and management. Use the awesome system optimization power of CCleaner, across your entire network with only a few clicks.
  1. SMB and Enterprise network support.
  2. Simple one-click deployment onto clients.
  3. Analyze single machines, workgroups or the entire network.
  4. Manage cleaning rules and settings from one place.
  5. Active Directory support.
  6. Highly secure client and encrypted communications.
  7. Version 2.0 adds reporting, auditing and multi-tenancy!
  8. If CCleaner can improve the speed of one machine by several times, then imagine what it can do for your entire network!

Download Trail version


Postman eMO Return Error 2147217871 - timeout expired

Postman eMO Returns Error - Time out Expired

while taking returns of eMO in Postman Module it shows an error message as 2147217871 - "Time out expired". 

Issues and Solution

eMO database log file may be full.
Check eMO.ldf file Size.

Clear Log using DB Tool

Download DB Tools from PoTools.
Click here Clear Log and Enter database name as EMO.


Never Install / Update Sanchay Post Patch 5 Until further notice

Sanchay Post Patch 5 Installation

Dear Friends, Kindly Never Install Sanchay Post Patch 5. It has bug with executing SI entries. DMCC Chennai trying to fix this issues and it will be released shortly.

Download Link has been Removed by SDC due to issues. for latest update visit

Thanks for your support.

Thanks to Raghs...

Solution for Treasury Time-out Expired error

Solution for Treasury Time out Error

Time out-expired.
Error message: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Query timeout expired.


  1. There may be huge data in the databases causing the time out error. 
  2. Take backups of Treasury, subaccounts, Subtreasury, BOsubaccounts databases. 
  3. Close Treasury, Subaccounts modules at the time of execution of the script.
  4. The script may be executed once or twice. Afterwards, day begin may be done in Treasury module. 
  5. Run the attached file with script tool to delete the old data upto 31.12.2011. 
Note:The approval of the competent authority may be obtained before deletion of old data

Query to execute once / twice: 

for HO

USE Subaccounts GO
for SO

Tool to uninstall a third-­party antivirus software

Please click the link associated with the currently installed antivirus software and follow the instructions on vendor's website to proceed with the uninstallation:

Typical  uninstallation  from  the  Control  Panel  in  Windows  can  be  insufficient  in  some  cases. Some records may still remain  in the system and prevent avast!from being correctly installed. Most vendors offer special removal tools to uninstall their antivirus  software completely from the system. If there is mentioned an option  to  use  removal  tool  in  the  instructions  linked  above,  we  recommend  that  you  use  it  for  the un-installation.

● AVG ­en/utilities 

● BullGuard

● CA Antivirus see: Total Defense Anti­Virus 

● Comodo Internet Security

● CounterSpy

● Cyber Defender Early Detection Center

● Dr. Web   

  (Only registered Dr. Web users can access support content) 

● FRISK F­PROT Antivirus for Windows

● F­Secure  

●  (standard uninstall) 

 (forum entry containing the F­Secure uninstall tool)  

● G Data

● McAfee

● Norman Virus Control/Norman Security Suite

● Norton antivirus

● Norton  Security Scan

● Panda Cloud Internet Protection

● Pareto Logic

● Total Defense Anti­Virus (formerly CA Anti­Virus ) 

● Trend Micro Titanium­us/1056455.aspx

● Trend Micro Worry­Free Business Security Agent

● Vipre (Sunbelt Software)

● Webroot

● Windows Live OneCare

● Windows Security Essentials 

Not responsible for any damage to your equipment if you use any of the links supplied herein. Every effort has been made to provide accurate information but, no one is perfect.

Solution for DB Analyzer Discrepancies

DB Analyzer Discrepancies and its solution

Take driver backup before format your Computer

Driver Backup for Desktop / Laptop

Most of the time we doesn't have driver CD for format a  Computer, so that we need internet connectivity to download drivers from website.
In our Sify Network we can access only limited sites which allowed by DoP. 


  1. Download driver backup Tool from PoTools
  2. Take drivers backup with in a minute.
  3. Format your PC and Restore drivers.




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