Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Simple Utility to Enable System options

Utility to Enable Option in Windows XP

A simple utility to reset Folder Options, Show All Hidden, Enable Registry Editing, Enable Task Manager, Disable Autorun, Enable Registry Editing Tools.

There are two files available on the zip
  1. cleanup.bat
  2. cleanup.reg
cleanup.bat will automatically kill the wscript process then call the cleanup.reg to restore folder settings etc..
i used taskkill so it will work only with Windows XP

InterSOL Transaction automatically adjusted by System

No Need Adjust Inter SOL Transaction

  1. Intersol transactions will get reconciled automatically once transaction posted and verified.
  2. No need to report on intersol transactions to CPC/CEPT.
  3. InterSOL transaction will never affect EOD Process.
  4. Incase of any Block validation in EOD, just taken up this issues to CEPT.

Thanks to : dopfinacle.blogspot.in

Procedure to Invoice of Speed Net COD (SPCOD) in Speed Net 4.1.1

Speed Net COD automatically identified in Speed Net 4.1.1

SPCOD article unable to Receive in Speed Net 4.1.1 because of unavailability of article types. i.e SPCOD article type is not available in Speed Net 4.1.1. It may be available in Speed Net 4.2.
  1. we can receive the SP COD in Speed Net 4.1.1 as SPA article type.
  2. SPCOD Article barcode prefix should contains AW/AC.
  3. SPCOD article barcode suffix should contains IN.
  4. Those prefixed article only able to transfer to Postman Module from Speed Net 4.1.1.
Note: Some of the SPCOD article Suffix contains US/FR, actually this is not a SPCOD article. It just Forign article.

Procedure to Transfer SPCOD article in Speed Net 4.1.1

  1. AW/AC Prefixed and IN suffixed Speed Post COD article can transfer to Postman Module for delivery.
  2. Login as Speed Net Operator in Speed Net 4.1.1
  3. Receive the bag and Open the same bag and receive the SPCOD article.
  4. Click on Delivery > SP COD article Transfer to Meghdoot Postman.
  5. Enter those SPCOD article and Amount then click on Transfer.
Note: Invoice SPCOD received article from Speed Net in Postman Module.

Error USB device has exceeded the power limits

Error USB device has exceeded the power limits of its hub port


          When Connecting a USB device to a USB port on a computer or Hub showing the error USB device has exceeded the power limits of its hub port or power surge on USB HUB.


USB devices are allowed to consumes a maximum of 500 milliamps (mA) per connection from the USB port on the some computer system. After  Microsoft released  Service Pack 2, if a USB device attempts to draw more than 500 milliamp, a popup message is displayed to indicate the over current condition.

This error does not mean that the non functionality of the USB ports. To prevent  this power surge indication error , follow the below steps

1. Open the device manager by typing the devmgmt.msc on the command prompt. Expand the Universal Serial Bus controllers option. Right click and select the properties of the USB Universal Host controller.

Click the advanced option. Then select the check box Don't tell me about USB errors. Apply ok and close the all screens.

Sensor Calibrate in Olivetti PR2/PR2E Passbook Printer

While try to print on passbook, after giving print command from pc. Passbook gets ejecting automatically.
Ready ,Station1, Station2 led’s blinking continuously.

Issues with

Occurrence of some microscopic particles of solid matter on Photo sensors of passbook printer.

Procedure to Calibrate Sensor

1) Switch off the printer.
2) Open the top cover of the printer and keep Head of printer at extreme right side.
           a. Press all three buttons ("Station 1", "Local" and "Station 2") and then switch on the printer.
           b. Printer will give a beep sound.

3) Then manually drag the print head from right side to extreme left side
4) Now close the top cover of the printer and press "Station 1" two times.
          a. The print Head will start moving and roller will start rolling.

5) Add a paper to the printer, Printer gives the action of sucking, but wont suck the paper.
          a. By this process, photo sensors gets cleaned

6) Now press "Station 2" once and then add a paper to the printer.
7) Calibration print out will come successfully.
8) Switch off the printer and gets switched on.
9) Ready led will glow and the printer is in ready condition.

Note: Calibrating a printer is not an easy task and you may do these steps three-four times to calibrate the printer properly