Wednesday, August 20, 2014

India Post Web page has been modified little bit

India Post webpage

A CAPTCHA ( "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart") has been newly added in India Post tracking to ensure the human usages and also to avoid the server down.

Most of the web based software has been developed to fetch the Pincode / Post office information. It may send more number of request to the server within a seconds. 

At the same time we are not able to access the same page due to delay in get the response from server.

This new Captcha System may avoid unwanted delay in India Post Tracking.

Speed Net 4.2 Feedback / Error Report to CEPT Mysore

Speed Net 4.2 Feedback / Error Report

CEPT Mysore Invited feedback / error report from you about Speed Net 4.2 . 

Subject line has been predefined by CEPT

for Feedback

Speed Version 4.2 - Feedback -

for Error Report

Speed Version 4.2 - Error report -

Mail to

Issue in upgradation of SpeedNet from v 4.1.1 to v 4.2

Speed Net 4.2 Upgradation issues 

1. Unable to upgrade the local database using the BNPLdatacorrection.exe.

2. Unable to invoice Speed Articles to BOs.

3. Unable to take BO Returns.


The problems mentioned in the point numbers 2 and 3 can be solved by updating the office master. This file can be downloaded from the URL Using the Speed Communication Module, the database can be updated with this downloaded file.

The problem mentioned under point number 1 referred to CEPT and awaiting for solution.

Thanks to A. Abia Pappu Rajeev DSM, Dindigul HPO to sharing valuable information

Friends, if any one knows the solution kindly share with PoTools in below Comment box / Chat window / via

Effective Utilization of SIFY Network

Effective Utilization of SIFY Network

Thanks to : Project Management Unit - MP Circle