Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Generate Speed Net 4.2 Version Message Given by CEPT

Solution for Only Client Upgradation in Speed Net 4.2

The speednet 4.2 updation has been completed in SO / HO as per the read me document from cept, ftp. The speednet communication package has been uninstalled and reinstalled as well. Still the MIS shows "Only client updated" instead of showing fully updated.
Note: This issue is common in more POs where speednet 4.2 is attempted.

Solution from CEPT

  1. Download the attached script file and execute it using Meghdoot Scripter after taking database backups.
  2. Then run Speednet Communication and check the upgradation status, after some time in Speednet MIS.

Download Regenerate Exl Give by CEPT


a. Initially "Only Client Updated" is shown in Speednet MIS ---> Upgrade Status.
b. After executing this exl below and executing Speednet communication, the Version messages are properly updated in MIS site.
c. Now the status of those POs are shown as "Fully Updated"

Thanks to : Saravanan R SA Valparai and Rajesh. H 

Enable Transfer SPCOD in Speed Net 4.2

Speed Net 4.2 SPCOD

After Update Speed Net 4.2, we have to enable Transfer SPCOD to Postman in Speed Net Supervisor. Login as Supervisor in Speed Net 4.2 and Go to Tools


  1. Select SP COD Transfer to Postman.
  2. The above changes only made before Shift begin/ After Shift End of Speed Net PA

DB Analyzer Revised Version dated 01.09.2014

DB Analyzer dated 01.09.2014

DB Analyzer 05.06.2014 DBA Plu dated 01.09.2014 Revised version has been released by DMMC Chennai. Download and Update the latest version to Execute consolidated Report.