Monday, September 22, 2014

Bonus Order Issued by DOP for 60 days

DA Order issued by (DOP) - DA 107% from 01.07.2014

Discrepancies Solution - CBS addon Revised dated 12.09.14

CBS Addon Solution for Discrepancies Dated 12.09.2014

  1. CBS Addon revised version has been released by DMCC Chennai for Clear Database Discrepancies.
  2. Download the latest version CBS addon revised dated 12.09.2014 from DMCC Official site / PoTools


ReTransmit Booking Message if COD Message not available in Central Server

Booking Office can Transmit COD Message 

For COD Booking Message not available in Central Server,Delivery office may contact Booking office to transmit data to central Server.

ReTransmit Option only available in Latest version. Parcel Net 7.9.1 dated 29.03.2014

Procedure to ReTransmit Message by Booking office

  1. Login as a Supervisor.
  2. Click on ReTransmit Button and Select Booking date then click on Search button.
  3. Now you can ReTransmit all / Selected COD article message.
  4. Execute R Net Communication to Transmit the generated message.

Download Latest version of BNPL Parcel and R Net communication

R Net Communication

Note : ReTransmit Option only available in Latest version of BNPL Parcel.

Solution for SB Inconsistent account Status

Solution for Inconsistent Account Status in SB

Download Latest DB Analyzer from SDC Chennai / PoTools and Update the same in your office



CBS Discrepancies 1
Select a Scheme as SB > then select as Silent accounts without silent date.
Click on display and then update the silent date.

Step 2

Download latest CBS Addon (not DBA Addon, its different).

  1. Select Scheme SB and Silent accounts with Invalid Silent Date.
  2. Click on Display to Clear Inconsistent Discrepancies

R Net Communication issues and Solution for COD Articles

Problem with Receiving COD Articles

Some of the COD article Not Received due to the following reasons,

1. Booking offices was booked COD articles with correct delivery pincode, it may automatically received from Central Server. If booked with wrong delivery pincode but correct office address may not received automatically. In this case,
Give Request resend from Postman that time message should be
Kindly Execute R Net Communication.

Issues 1 : Problem with request resend

Some time we may face the issues like request resend 

Kindly Download and execute below solution at once

Issues 2 : Requested even COD article not received if Message available

Request has been given but article not yet received due to 

Case (i) Returns taken by Some other Office

If article returns taken by some other office, COD article message will not transmit from Central server. In this case you can deal the COD article manually with getting proper permission from DO/RO.

Case (ii) R Net Communication Issues

Messages are available in CEPT server but yet to be received. Even requested and executed R Net Communication so many time article not yet received.
This case can be taken up with CEPT(HDMS) with following attachments. Backup of
  1. R Net Communication folder.
  2. eCounter database.
  3. Postman database.

Issue 3: R Net Communication not executing problem - Not Responding.

R Net Communication execution problem due to Slow / no internet connectivity. it will not execute in NSP2 connectivity. All SPMs are instructed to check NSP1 connectivity on regular basis / at least having issues with R Net Communication issues.

If NSP1 not working immediately made complaint with Sify Network and rectify it.

Temporary Solution for this issues is Run communication through data card if you have.

Instructions for the Live Testing for SP-COD w.e.f 22.09.2014 to 26.09.2014


1.  All Delivery offices involved in the testing should upgrade to Speednet 4.2 and Update 9 to Meghdoot 7.0. Files for the latest versions are available in CEPT FTP site.
2.  All booking offices 
     i.  which have not upgraded to Speednet 4.2 should download the 'SpeedOne Updater.exe' and upgrade to the latest version for Speednet. Please read the instructions available in ReadMe/Release documents for further information.
    ii.  which have already upgraded to Speednet 4.2 should download the 'SpeedOne Updater.exe' and use the option 'Replace DLLs n EXE'.

Procedure to be followed for Creation of customer entry for 'TEST SP COD CUSTOMER' :

1.  Download the 2 script files viz., 'TestCustomerSPCOD_Script_POSPCC19092014.exl' and 'SPCOD_ePaymentOffices_Data_01052014.exl'.
2.  Run the above mentioned 2 script files using Meghdoot Scripter after taking database backups.
3.  Login to Speednet and check whether the customer entry for 'TEST SP COD CUSTOMER' is available in the 'View/Modify' window under 'Supervisor --> BNPL --> Customer Details' menu.
     i.  If the customer entry for  'TEST SP COD CUSTOMER' is not available, please re-run the 'TestCustomerSPCOD_Script_POSPCC19092014.exl' script once again and check.
    ii.  If customer entry for 'TEST SP COD CUSTOMER' is available, then proceed to next step.
4. Click on the 'Add' button available under 'Supervisor --> BNPL --> Customer Details --> Agreement' window, Select the customer entry for 'TEST SP COD CUSTOMER' and enter the following agreement details 
    i.  Memo No   ---- B2/SP-COD-Testing/Sep/2014 
   ii.  Memo Date  ----  15.09.2014
   iii. Bill Raising Office  ------ DOP
   iv. Agreement Date   ----  15.09.2014
   v.  Expected Business per month (Rs.) ---- 5000.
5. Click on Save option and Logout .

Procedure for Booking of SP-COD articles:

1.  Keep the Departmental Envelopes addressed to the Postmaster of the Delivery Office concerned ready before starting the booking in Speednet software.
2.  Login as Operator and select the SP-COD articles booking option available under 'Operator --> Bulk Customers Booking --> Collect Individual Articles --> BNPL Customer Articles --> COD Articles' window.
3.  Enter the Article Number assigned to the concerned delivery post office and complete the data entry by entering the COD value as Rs.100/-.
4.  Dispatch the articles using the Close bag option as in the case of other speedpost articles.
5.  Run the Speednet Communication at regular intervals and ensure that there are no issues in Transmission/Receipt of files.
6.  Check the India Post tracking site to ensure that the Booking office name and Booking date are visible for the SP-COD articles booked at your office.
     i. In case booking details are not available, please use the 'Resend Booking & Delivery Data' option available under Supervisor --> Tools menu to regenerate the messages.
7.  Check the Speednet MIS to verify that the booking figures are shown correctly against your office statistics.

Procedure for Delivery of SP-COD articles:

1.  Receive the SP-COD articles through the regular process - viz., bag receipt, bag opening and article scanning options in Speednet software.
2.  Transfer the SP-COD articles to Meghdoot Postman module using the 'SP COD Transfer to Meghdoot Postman' option available under 'Operator --> Delivery' menu.
3.  Invoice two SP-COD article to Postman and take returns with one SP-COD article shown as delivered and another shown as Returned to Sender.
4.  Deposit one SP-COD article to effect Window delivery.
5.  Invoice one SP-COD article to BOs and take returns after one day.
6.  Do the submit accounts for Postman module, run ePayment Communication and Speednet Communication at regular intervals ensuring that there are no issues in transmission/receipt of files.
7.  Dispatch the RTS SP-COD article through Speednet module.
     i.  In case, dispatch of RTS SP-COD article is not allowed, check whether the submit accounts process is completed and Speednet communication has been run or not.

Download Speed Net 4.2 SP-COD Pilot