Thursday, September 25, 2014

IPS Bridge for Register and Speed Post Articles

The application facilitates tracking of inbound and outbound foreign Registered articles and EMS articles through India Post website

IPS Bridge is an application which functions as bridge between IPS (International Postal Systems) National Server and R Net and Speed Net servers. IPS bridge software exchanges data between these servers. IPS National server will exchange the A to I events with R Net and Speed Net servers through IPS Bridge application.

IPS National Server: 

IPS application will generate file for IPS Bridge application, which contains IPS A to I events of Register Letter and EMS articles. Then IPS Bridge application will collect these files and process, extract the data required by R Net or Speed Net servers, generate files, article category wise for further processing either by R Net or Speed Net server.

R Net and Speed Net Server: 

Incoming articles: 

R Net and Speed Net servers will receive the data from IPS Bridge application using R Net and Speed Net communication. These files will be processed and added to the respective database so that these foreign articles can be tracked in Domestic web applications through India Post website.

Outgoing articles: 

In reverse direction R Net and Speed Net software will provide Booking, Delivery and Attempted delivery data to IPS Bridge application. IPS Bridge application will process these files and generates files for IPS Application. Finally, IPS application process these files and make data available for Tracking on indiapost web site

Generate Report for Cheque account having balance Less than Rs.500

Reports for Audit purpose : Cheque Account having Less than Rs.500

  1. Download Tool for Cheque account Report from PoTools.
  2. Provide correct SQL Login credentials.
  3. Fecth Report for Generate Cheque account having balance less than Rs.500/-
  4. Take Print out then Exit.


Delete Sub Division Software User Details from your Machine

Tools for Delete Sub Division User details 

If you forget user name / password of Sub Division software, you may delete the user details using above Tool.
  1. Download Tool from PoTools.
  2. Click on Delete to delete Subdivision user information.


Some Useful Tips for Windows XP - Know little More

1. Block any website you want, without any software

A website can be easily blocked without using any software. Just follow these steps

a). Browse C:Windowssystem32driversetc

b). Find and open the file named “hosts” in notepad

c). There you will see a line “       localhost”

d). Just under this line add “” , without quotes.

Save the changes and the mentioned site will no longer be accessible.

2. Automatically optimize your hard disk

We generally use windows defragmenter to optimize our hard drives but with a little change in registry settings, windows will automatically optimize the location of files in your hard drive when the pc is idle. Here’s the trick

a) Go to start and open run, type regedit and enter  to open registry settings.

b)When regedit is opened browse toHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersion OptimalLayout

c) There you will find a string called EnableAutoLayout, change its data value to 1. If the string is notpresent the create it and set its data value to 1.

Now exit regedit and reboot your PC and its done.

3. Force “Not Responding” programs to shutdown automatically

Sometimes when we try to shutdown our PC a message is displayed saying that it cant because        some program is not responding and then we have to manually click on the end now button to close it. But here’s a little registry trick which will automatically close the Not Responding programs

a). Go to start and open run, type regedit and enter  to open registry settings.

b).When regedit is opened browse to HKEY_USERS.DEFAULTControl PanelDesktop and select Desktop

c). There you will find the string called EnableAutoLayout, right-click it select modify from the pop-up menu and change the data value from 0 to 1. If there is no key of such name then create it by selecting Edit > New > String Value and set the data value to 1.

Now exit regedit and reboot your PC and its done.

4. Disable “Send error report to Microsoft” message

This message is displayed every time after any program ends in an unusual way. Most of us find this message very annoying especially those people who don’t have Internet connections. Here’s a method to get rid of this problem.

a) Open control panel, click on system( in classic view ) or open control panel and choose performance and maintenance and then click system( in category view) or just right click on my computer and click on properties.

b) Then choose “Advanced tab” and click on “error reporting button” on the bottom of the window

c) Select disable error reporting and click ok.

5. Prevent all opened folders from closing when one of them crashes

If you have opened many folders together in xp, and one of them stops responding then all folders will also close with it. This is very irritating for users. Here’s a solution to the problem

a) Open control panel and choose folder options.

b) Click on view tab and scroll down until you find the option “Launch folder windows in  a separate process”. Now place a tick next to it and click OK.

This will solve your problem.

Thanks to
Rajesh H. Postal Assistant, Puttur(DK) HPO

Speed Net 4.2 Run-time error : SP COD Transfer to Meghdoot Postman

Speed Net Issues with Transfer SPCOD to Postman

While Transfer SPCOD articles in Speed Net 4.2 it shows an error message as "could not find server 'eCounterLinkServer' in a sysservers. Execute sp_addlinkedserver to add the server to sysservers"

Solution Received from CEPT

The article data for SP-COD is transferred from Speednet Server to Meghdoot Server based on the linked server concept and the prerequisites for creation of linked server are that the Meghdoot server should have the remote connections enabled.

To configure SQL Server 2005 to allow remote connections, you must complete these steps:
  1. Enable remote connections on the instance of SQL Server that you want to connect to from a remote computer.
  2. Turn on the SQL Server Browser service.
  3. Configure the firewall to allow network traffic that is related to SQL Server and to the SQL Server Browser service.
  4. To enable remote connections on the instance of SQL Server 2005 and to turn on the SQL Server Browser service, use the SQL Server 2005 Surface Area Configuration tool. The Surface Area Configuration tool is installed when you install SQL Server 2005.

You can view further information at

You can google for similar information for other versions of SQL Server. For some versions, enabling of the Named Pipes and TCP/IP options under the Surface Area Configuration setting for SQL Server might be required to be done additionally. 

Once the above configurations are done, please re-execute the POSPCC_COD_14082014.exl script and check.

Note: Details for Meghdoot server are taken from the configuration done under 'Supervisor --> Master --> Environment --> Folder Paths' window. Hence, ensure that this information is correct