Wednesday, October 08, 2014

eMO - General Printing Error after Upgrade 7.9.1

Meghdoot 7 Update 9.1 eMO Module Printing error

Issues Listed

After Update MM 7.9.1 ,In Some Offices ,the following eMO problem faced.

For every single eMO print in Operator login -> 2 eMO print out paper is coming (the same eMO no)

For every single eMO reprint in Supervisor login -> 3 eMO print out paper is coming (the same eMO no)

Even change the printer driver, printer (Epson LX300,LX1170,Laser Printer) or given print out from any systems, the same issue exists.


  1. Take eMO db backup
  2. Download the attached exl and run it through script tool
  3. Finally check the eMO print out
  4. Still eMO printing issue persists, Please Contact CEPT

Download Delete Duplicate eMO Office Name


Note: Kindly apply above solution if you have the above issue

Speed Net 4.2 SPCOD article Transfer Issues and Solution

Speed Net 4.2 SPCOD Solution for Already Transferred

While Transfer SPCOD article to Meghdoot Postman in Speed Net 4.2 it shows an Message as 
Entry Already Done
You have already scanned Speedpost COD ID ...

Solution for Already Scanned Speed Post COD

The above Issue occur when trying to transfer SPCOD article from Speed Net 4.2 to Postman 7.9.1.

Possible Cause

SPCOD article may already transfer to Postman Module


  • If SPCOD article was not transfer from Speed Net 4.2,
  • Upgrade the Latest version which is available in CEPT FTP under PILOT version.
  • It May Replace and Register Latest Patches.
  • Try to Give One more request Resend for SPCOD article from Speed Net Supervisor.

Delivery of SPCOD articles in Pilot Project at Delivery offices

Delivery of SPCOD article at Delivery Offices

  • Receive the SP-COD articles through the regular process - viz., bag receipt, bag opening and article scanning options in Speednet software.
  • Transfer the SP-COD articles to Meghdoot Postman module using the 'SP COD Transfer to Meghdoot Postman' option available under 'Operator --> Delivery' menu.
  • Invoice two SP-COD article to Postman and take returns with one SP-COD article shown as delivered and another shown as Returned to Sender.
  • Deposit one SP-COD article to effect Window delivery.
  • Invoice one SP-COD article to BOs and take returns after one day.
  • Do the submit accounts for Postman module, run ePayment Communication and Speednet Communication at regular intervals ensuring that there are no issues in transmission/receipt of files.
  • Dispatch the RTS SP-COD article through Speednet module.

In case, dispatch of RTS SP-COD article is not allowed, check whether the submit accounts process is completed and Speednet communication has been run or not.
  • The SP-COD amount so collected will be adjusted by making the cross entry in UCP on  the same day to adjust the account of the Post Office. A clear remark should be marked in the accounts of the Post Office. 

Data Profiling Tool version 4.4 Dated 30.09.2014

Download Data Profiling Tool v4.4

Execute DataprofilingTool_4_4_30-09-2014 and DB Analyzer consolidation report and ensure that zero discrepancy exists. 

Download the Latest Data Profiling Tool v3.5 available in DMCC Chennai and also in PoTools.

Download DPT v4.4

Sanchay Post 7.5 Patch 6 Dated 08.10.2014

Sanchay Post Patch 6 update

  • Download Sanchay Post 7.5 Patch 5 dated 20.09.2014 and Install the same using below link

  • Sanchay Post Service Pack and Patch 5 Should be upgraded.


Mirror - PoTools

Postman 7.9.1 Procedure or Function DLY_Insert_EVPReturns Issues

Postman 7.9.1 COD Article Returns Issues

Procedure or function of DLY_Insert_EVPReturns has too many arguments specified while taking returns for Window / Postman Delivered or returned article of BPCOD/SPCOD returns in Postman 7.9.1.

Solution for EVPReturns Issues:

  1. Replace the evpdelivery.dll of postman 7.9.1 Latest version.
  2. Register EVPDelivery.dll from Postman Folder.
  3. Execute ecounter.exl which is inside epayment foder of MM Update 7.9.1.

Check List for GO-Live Updation dated 04.09.2014

Updated on : 04/10/2014 150 hrs

Preparatory checklist for GO-Live
Chennai 600 002

1. A node with Windows 7 along with SQL205/ SQL 20 8 to be kept ready for uploading data through SFTP server. Latest Antivirus software has to be installed in this node. This node wil be used as backup server.

2. Download Filezila software from the below said link and the instal the same in this node. 

3. Restore post , sign ,sosb, bpro, blog in the backup server (i.e Nodementioned in Slno.1) Check whether the sanchay post software is working with this Sql server connectivity in this node only

(Caution : No change is required in the original server in respect of SQL version and the regular server will continue to serve the Sanchay post network)

Read Full Documents from SDC Chennai

Software Download Link

FileZilla :

DB Analyzer

Pre Migration Tool

DPT 4.4 Download Link

SP Tool