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Change SQL Server name without Uninstall

Complete Steps to Change SQL Server Name

In PO Server Configuration, Most of the time we are forget to rename the Computer at the time of installation. it may continue in SQL Installation also.

  • Operation system may assign the computer with some letters like DOP-a754fs2g. In SQL installation server name we does not make any changes, we may choose default instance.
  • we may find this issue at the time of connect the SQL server

Easy way to Change SQL Server Name

Before do the DOP software configuration, just rename the Server / Computer Name then, SQL server name automatically change if you have selected default instance at the time of SQL Server Installation.
Note: After dop software configuration never try this one, problem may occur with link server and some other configuration.

Steps to Rename in SQL

When one changes the name of the computer running the SQL Server, one needs to perform the following steps to ensure that SQL Server also uses the new updated name. 
  • First to check whether the SQL Server has the correct name, execute the following query
SELECT @@SERVERNAME                 AS oldname,       Serverproperty('Servername') AS actual_name
  • @@Servername gives the computer name that has been set/registered with SQL Server Serverproperty('Servername') provides the newly updated name from windows.

If @@servername,Serverproperty('Servername') results are different then one should update the new name on the SQL Server. To update, follow the steps provided below.

step 1 :- sp_dropserver/sp_addserver

EXEC  Sp_dropserver   'oldservername'EXEC  Sp_addserver   'newservername' ,   'local'

step 2 :- update sysjobs

Applies only for SQL 2k.

USE msdbUPDATE sysjobsSET    originating_server = Serverproperty('Servername')

step 3 :- Restart SQL Service 

Restart SQL Services for the changes to take effect.

Java Run time Environment v8 Google Drive Download

Download JREv8u25 from Google drive

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Java is essential for many websites to work well.

Java is fast 

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Java works behind the scenes to make McCamish software and Finacle applications work better in DOP

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Group Update Provider for CSI Antivirus

A Group Update Provider is a client computer that you designate to locally distribute content updates to clients. A Group update provider download content updates from the management server and distributes the updates to itself and other clients.
One advantages of Group Update Provider use is that it helps you to conserve bandwidth by offloading processing power from the server to the Group Update Provider. Group Update Provider are ideal for delivering content updates to clients that have limited network access to the server. You can use a Group Update Provider to conserve bandwidth to clients in a remote location over a slow link. Setting up a Group Update Provider is easier than setting up an internal Live Update server. Group Update Provider are less resource-intensive and so reduce the load on the management server.

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PMU - MP Circle

Transfer of accounts / certificates between CBS and Non CBS

Finacle : Transfer of accounts / certificates between finacle CBS and non finacle CBS Post Offices

Transfer of accounts/certificates between finacle CBS and non finacle CBS Post Offices.

In Sanchay Post, there is a provision to transfer any account to any post office and it generates Advice of Transfer along with Transfer Journals. Certificates issued by other offices can be discharged under the option Discharged at Other Offices after verification. 

  • In Finacle CBS application, the account can be transferred to any CBS post office only.
  • Similarly, non CBS post office can transfer account/certificate to Non CBS post Office only. 
  • In Finacle CBS Application, there is no need to generate any AT or Transfer General or do the pairing. 
  • Only, the post office, after satisfying the genuiness of depositor, has to change the home SOL (Post Office) of the account and account will be transferred instantly. 
  • A report can be generated showing accounts transferred from one SOL to another in all CBS post offices.
  • Certificates issued from non CBS Post Offices cannot be discharged at CBS Post Offices.
  • Certificates issued from CBS post offices can be discharged at any CBS post office by changing the home SOL of the certificates.
  • PPF and SCSS accounts can be transferred IN and Out from CBS post offices to Banks and from Banks to Post Office.