Thursday, October 30, 2014

VP Intimation Tool v5.3 by PoTools

VP Intimation Tool v5.3 : Google drive

Added Features:

  • Postman Mobile Number included in Intimation slip.
  • Article Number added in Top of the in RP55 format
  • Font type and Size has been changed.
  • Some Major issues has been fixed.



Accountant Pay Bill Drawl Error and Solution

Accountant Module Pay draw error

While draw pay for employees in accountant module it may shows the following error


  • Download attached Script from PoTools.
  • Execute once using the MM Script Tool.


Remove row editing limitation in SQL 2008

Remove row editing limitation in SQL 2008

In SQL Server 2008 Management Studio Express , we can change the default settings that allows to edit more than the 200 rows at a time, or select more than 1000 rows.

To modify the “Edit Top 200 Rows” or “Select Top 1000 Rows” settings do the following:

1.Run the SQL Management Studio Express 2008
2.Click the Tools -> Options
3.Select SQL Server Object Explorer . Now you should be able to see the options
*Value for Edit Top Rows Command
*Value for Select Top Rows Command
4.Give the Values 0 here to select/ Edit all the Records

5.Now we can see the Edit All and Select All options on the table.

Thanks to Rajesh H

The new Google Drive : Just faster

The new Google Drive is the same Google Drive you know and love, just faster and works more like you’re used to on your computer. You can:
  • Create, add, or upload a file with a single button.
  • Find and add files shared with you more easily.
  • Single-click a file to select it and double-click a file to open it.
  • Drag-and-drop files and folders just like you do on your desktop.
  • Improved accessibility.

What's new with Google Drive

Create, add, or upload a file or folder
Create or add a file of folder by clicking on New. Then, click on one of the icons below to take an action.
Create a folder: Just add a folder name and click Create.
Upload a file: Choose a file and click Open.
Upload a folder: Select a folder and click Upload.
Create a new file: Just click on the file type you want to create.
Add or find files shared with you
To easily add or find files shared with you, click on Incoming on the left-hand side navigation. Then, click on one of the icons below to take an action.
Locate a file in “My Drive”. You’ll only see this icon if you’ve already added the file to “My Drive”.
Add a file to “My Drive”.
See more actions you can take.
for more information about new google drive visit below link