Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Ravmon Virus Removal Tool 3.1.5

Ravmon Virus Removal Tool 3.1.5 from Google Drive

This tool removes infections of the Ravmon virus e.g. My Computer drives opening, Folder Options missing from Tools Menu, Folder Options “Show Hidden Files and Folder” not working.It also enables Task Manager, Registry Editor and Command Prompt if they have been disabled by some another virus. This tool is seamlessly compatible with Windows 2000/XP.


  1. Enable Run
  2. Restore All Folder Options Settings (Windows XP only)
  3. Disable AutoPlay on All drives (To prevent Viruses from entering into your PC while you plug-in Flash Drive)
  4. You can see these features while you click Restore Windows Default Settings.

Note : The different Options like Enable Task Manager will not work until the Task Manager is actually disabled.