Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Query to Clear RD Paid and Unpaid Default fee

Queries to Settle RD Paid Unpaid Discrepancies

--Querry to settle paidunpaid rd discrepancy in RD scheme-(db analyser db discrpancies)
--Scriptin by Rajesh CR, SA, Kattappana HO
--Copy and execute in SQL Query analyzer or SQL management studio
--Help and support

Download Query


Thanks to Rajesh C R

Sanchay Post Patch 8 : Reintroduction of KVP in Sanchay Post

Patch 8 of Sanchay Post Version 7.5

Backup of all databases should be taken & preserved in external storage device before installing the patch.


The following are prerequisite for installing this patch 8 for Sanchay post 7.5:
a) The Sanchay Post version 7.5 should be successfully installed 
b) Interest Rate Upgrade should be successfully completed.
c) Service pack 1 for Sanchay post 7.5 should be successfully installed.
d) Patch 5 for Sanchay post 7.5 should be successfully installed.
e) Patch 6 for Sanchay post 7.5 can be optionally installed.
f) Sanchay Post version 7.0 should not be available in the system.

The database version should be updated with all patches provided. The database should be compliant with SQL Server 2000 / 2005 /2008.


Patch 8 should be installed in server and all client machines.
SP_KVP_Tool. Exe(available in KVP_Tool folder) should be executed ONCE in SERVER ONLY. It shouldn’t be run in client machines. 

Steps for installation

  • Close/Exit all screens in SanchayPost 7.5 application. Make sure that application is not running.
  • Install using .msp file then upgrade the same using SP_KVP_Upgrade Tool.

Download Patch 8 and Read Me Sanchay Post 7.5

Download               Mirror