Thursday, December 18, 2014

Release Document of Meghdoot v7.9.2 and Parcel Net v1.1 and Check List

Release Document and Check list of Meghdoot 7.9.2

Release Order 

After successful completion of testing, the software is now ready for deployment. lt is proposed to release the new software on 20-12-2014.

Release Document for MM and Parcel Net

Check List for System Administrator : 

Meghdoot version 7.9.2 

Parcel Net v1.1

Major Modification in Software

Download / View Annexure 

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Procedure to Change name of depositor in Finacle : India Post

Procedure for changing the name in Account details 

In case of name change, use menu:



A customer has changed the name in Gazette and wants to change the name in all the accounts.
1.    Invoke the menu CMRC and select the function MODIFY
  • Change the required Last name, Preferred name and short name
  • Click on Submit

2.    Verify the modified details using CMRC menu

3.    The Name change done in CIF will not get effected in Account level as this CIF has already been linked.

4.    Now to correct the name in account details, invoke the menu HAALM from operator
  • Select the function MODIFY
  • Enter the account number wherein the name change has to be done
  • Click on GO

5.    The old account details will be displayed

6.    Required name to be changed in A/c Name and A/c Short name fields

7.    An exception will be thrown, click on Accept

8.    Verify the same using HAALM in Supervisor login

9.    An exception error will be thrown. Click on Accept

Name has been changed successfully in the PPF account

New Features of Meghdoot 7.9.2 Update

Meghdoot 7.9.2 New features

The following new features are incorporated in Meghdoot 7.9.2.

1) Provision for doing Sale of Philately Stamps (Point of Sale module)
2) Provision for capturing the mobile number of the Addressees of a Speed Post, Registered, Parcel, Flat Rate box and eVP articles (Point of Sale module)
3) Provision for doing AirMail - Bulk Bag booking (Point of Sale module)
4) Provision for doing SAL - Bulk Bag booking (Point of Sale module)
5) Barcode series starting with ‘”R” has been made mandatory while booking the following types of foreign (Airmail, Seamail, SAL) articles. For these kind of articles, the Parcel series barcode is prescribed earlier (Point of Sale module).
6) Closing of foreign Registered Packets (booked with R series barcodes) in Parcel Bag and allowing them to be dispatched to Parcel Hubs (Despatch module)
7) Provision for deletion of old Special Journal booking data (Despatch module)
8) Provision for capturing the Addressee mobile number for the articles booked through Special Journal option (Despatch module)
9) Advance Customer Facility for Parcels (BNPL Parcel module)
10) Expansion of Express Parcel service throughout the country (BNPL Parcel module)
11) Provision at Head Post Offices to capture the details of COD parcels delivered at non ePayment SOs (Postman module)
12) New report showing the status of each COD Parcel pending at the delivery Post Office (Postman module).
13) Transmission of article receipt (registered letters and parcels) event to the Server so as to bring accuracy in Tracking even though dummy bag barcodes are used Office (Postman module).
14) Separate Head of account for Philately Stamps (Treasury module)
15) Accounting for Philately Stamps sale separately in HO Accounts and also in AccountsMIS Reports (Treasury module and AccountsMIS module)
16) Implementation of new Income Tax Slabs (Accounts module).
17) Generation of Cash Book File from each Head Post Office and transmission of the same to CEPT for further processing and onward transmission to DA(P) concerned (Accounts, AccountsMIS modules).
18) New option for exporting the pension data to csv file (AccountsPBS module).