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Free SMS Article Tracking is available in MM 7.9.2

Mobile SMS and Tracking of Articles available in MM 7.9.2

  • Customer can receive SMS While article received for you at your destination
Try to Update Mobile Number While do the following Transaction

  • Speed Post Booking
  • eMO Booking
  • Register Article
  • Register Parcel
  • Business Parcel
  • Express Parcel

Customer can also track using SMS

  1. Facility to track the status of Speed Post articles and e-Money orders is available.
  2. SMS POST TRACK SPEEDPOST NUMBER to 166 or to 51969 to know the status of Speed Post article
  3. SMS POST TRACK PNR NUMBER to 166 or to 51969 to know the status of e-Money order.
  • The SMS is case sensitive. Use all CAPITAL LETTERS only.
  • Status will be available for items booked up to 60 days from the date of SMS enquiry. 
  • The service is available from all the service providers in the Country.
  • Rates charged by the Service provider are applicable. 

Finacle Desktop Setting Configuration for optimization of speed

Finacle Settings for Speed Optimization in Windows 7

For Finacle Desktop Settings

Visit and Download Finacle Desktop Settings, Restore in your machine with in few seconds

The procedure for  ideal  desktop settings are detailed below.

For browser mode settings:  

  • Go to Tools option click on Developers tools.
  • Clock on Browser mode (Internet Explorer 8 only should be flagged)
  • Ensure Java version (Java 7 update 17) is only used. It is observed that other versions like update 21 , 60 is got installed.
  • After, installation of  Java version (Java 7 update 17) for first time, while logging in,  popup message “ update”, “try again”, “ later” will display on the screen. Then Click the tick,  check box by selecting  “later”.  
  • Then, Go to Java Control panel and deselect automatic updates.

For changing the MTU value: 

  • In the command prompt  type the below mentioned   command,  it will display the  current value of MTU.
  • Type  at C:/prompt:-  “netsh interface ipv4 show subinterfaces”.
  • To change the MTU value use the below said command in the command promt.
  • netsh interface ipv4 set subinterface "Local Area Connection" mtu=1300 store=persistent  (ie. change the nnnn value to 1300)
The above settings are also applicable for McCamish. Please ensure to make above settings and report the compliance.

Thanks to Rajesh H

Download : Canon 3108b Laser Printer Driver for Windows

Canon Laser Printer driver Download from Google Drive

  • Disconnect the USB cable that connects the device and computer before installing the driver.
  • Connect the USB cable after installing the driver.
Driver and application software files have been compressed.
The following instructions show you how to download the compressed files and decompress them.

1. To download files, click the file link, select [Save], and specify the directory where you want to save the file.The download will start automatically.
2. Downloaded files are saved in the specified folder in a self-extracting format (.exe format).
3. Double-click the files to decompress them. A new folder will be created in the same folder.The new folder will have the same name as the compressed file.
4. Double-click the decompressed Setup.exe file to start installation.

Download Canon Driver from Google drive


Supporting OS

  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Windows Server 2003 R2
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows 2000

File Information

File name : LBP3100_3108_3150_R150_V110_W32_uk_EN_1.exe
File version : R1.50V1.10
File language : English
File size : 10,100KB

Various Accounts Closure in Finacle


Before account closure, withdraw the entire sum and make the balance zero
In case of cheque account, select all the unused cheques and then destroy them.

To close the SB account: Menu Option HCAAC

  • Select ‘Close’
  • Enter the account no.
  • Navigate the General/Closure details/Closure exception pages

Verification by the Supervisor

  • Select verify
  • Select the account no. from searcher or enter the account no.
  • Complete the vefication

MIS Account Closure (By Cheque)

  1. Always use Trial close option first, note down the closure proceeds in HPR and then do the original closure.
  2. Menu option - HCAACTD  
  3. Enter the MIS account number. Always use the Trial close option to verify the amount & click Go.
  4. General / closure details / closure exceptions pages will be displayed under different tabs.
  5. In the General tab, check for the Name of the depositor, date of opening and amount.
  6. In the closure details tab, if the closure amount can be paid by cash, select the option in Close mode – By cash.
  7. If cheque, select the option – Repayment account, enter the Repayment account id as the Post master Cheque account id – 781001000340.
  8. In the closure exception tab, enter the reason  - whether death  or Normal. (select the reason only from the searcher)
  9. Submit.
  10. Closure details will be listed below.
  11. Go to HPR.
  12. In the HPR, the final amount to be paid will be listed.
  13. Then Start the Regular Closure in the option – Z - Close.

Verification :

  •  HCAACVTD – Visit all the pages and submit.
  •  Then go to HPR, to verify the final amount to be paid.


Always use Trial close option first, note down the closure proceeds in HPR and then do the original closure.
Ø  Follow the same procedure as above.
Ø  In the close mode select, cash.
Ø  Use HCASHPND finally to pay the amount.
Ø  Dr. Repayable/parking account   Cr. Teller cash account


(always use Trial close option to verify the amount)
Menu option-  HCAACTD       
  • If Close mode is chosen as cash – then proceeds go to repayment a/c . From Repayment a/c placeholder, user needs to invoke the menu HCASHPND for transferring it to teller cash a/c. 
  • If cheque has to be paid, select the close mode as Repayment account and enter the Postmaster cheque account id – SOL id ending with 0340. 
  • Use Menu-  HCAACVTD   Verify  account closure (Verification by Supervisor)
  • Use Menu-    HTDTRAN      Enquire TDA transaction(To enquire closure proceeds.)
  • Use Menu-    HFTI    Tran enquiry  (To enquire the transaction details and note down the tran-id.)


(always use Trial close option to verify the amount)
Use Menu-  CRDCAAC  to close RD account by counter PA 

  • If the RD account is linked with the loan account (loan taken already), the LIEN marked    on the RD account should be lifted first using HALM menu before closing.
  • If it is not a death closure, select the radio button as No. 
  • If the Repayment mode is selected as Transfer, then the Repayment A/c is to be specified. We can specify the savings account of the customer  in this. 
  • If Repayment mode is chosen as cash – then proceeds go to repayment a/c . From Repayment a/c place holder, user needs to invoke the menu HCASHPND for transferring it to teller cash a/c.  
  • If cheque has to be issued, enter the Repayment mode as Transfer and enter the Postmaster Cheque account (ac id – SOL id ending with 0340)
  • Use Menu-  CRDCAAC    (Verification by Supervisor)      Enter the account number or select from the searcher 
  • Use Menu- HFTI    Tran inquiry     Note down the tran-id generated in the closure menu and enquire the transaction details. 
  • Use menu-  HCASHPND   (To PAY cash by to the customer by the Counter PA                  Select Unprocessed)
  •  Enter the account number or tran id.

PPF account closure:

  1. Use Menu-   HCAAC  (To close the PPF account by the Counter PA)   
  2. Enter the PPF account number. 
  3. Enter all the mandatory details, closure reason code, close mode, etc. 
  4. For cash payment select the close mode as cash. Then payout using HCASHPND. 
  5. If payment is to be made by cheque, select the close mode as transfer, enter the Postmaster Cheque account number – SOL id ending with 0340 as the Transfer account id. 
  6. If it is an SB transfer, SB account number can be entered. 
  7. Note down the closure amount. 
  8. Use Menu-  HCAAC  (Verification by the Supervisor)            
  9. Enter the PPF account number 
  10. Submit

NSC/KVP discharge:

  • Use Menu-   NSCAC  (To discharge NSC/KVP by the Counter PA)   
  • Select NSC  or KVP 
  • Enter the CIF id and registration number. 
  • In case of bulk issue, all the certificates will be listed out. 
  • Select each certificate and click the close radio button. 
  • Submit
  • Use Menu-  NSCAC    (Verification by the Supervisor)            
  • Enter the CIF no.  and registration number. 
  • Submit 
  • Go to HPR and note down the amount to be paid in the certificate. (Counter PA cannot view the amount)

CashBook Generate Error 3021 in Accounts Module v7.9.2

Accounts v7.9.2 Cash Book Generation error

While Generate Cashbook in Accounts Module v7.9.2 it may show the error message as Run '3021':
Either BOF or EOF is True. or the current record has been deleted. Requested operation requires a current record
The above error message comes due to Accounts MIS path is not given in Accounts Module Supervisor Login.


The AccountsMIS Client application will transmit the Cash Book file to CEPT for further transmission of the same to DA(P) concerned.

For this purpose, the following configuration is to be made in Accounts application
  • Path of AccountsMIS Client application
  • DDO Code of the Head Post Office, as received from the Directorate.
Both these configurations are to be made using the option My Office ->environment -> office
Particulars in Accounts application.
Thanks to Silambarasan DSM