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HTM menu in DOP Finacle

  • HTM stands for Hypertext Transaction Maintainence. 
  • HTM menu is generally used to withdraw the amount from Sundry account. 

What is a Sundry account?

  1. Sundry account is an office account which is an unposted office account 
  2. Unposted office accounts are parking credit accounts.This is an OAP type of account. 
  3. OAP means Office Account Pointing in which we use reference number to reverse the transaction hence it is named as Pointing Account. 
  4. In DOP Finacle for every TDA accounts i.e., for MIS\TD\SCSS accounts there are sundry accounts 0337,0335 and 0338 respectively for all the customer MIS\TD\SCSS accounts system will generate the interest and it will credit the total interest into sundry office accounts mentioned. 
  5. When we perform the transaction using HTM hence the system will ask the reference number as it is OAP account to reverse the amount. 

HTM menu in detail

In DOP Finacle we generally use for withdrawing the interest amount for MIS\TD and SCSS accounts. 
The menu screen will be shown as follows in the below figure 

In this menu there are 2 columns namely Function code and Transaction type\Subtype

Function code 

In this column we have different functions such as add\modify\delet\inquiry and verify as mentioned in the below screen

Depending on the usage select the function code

ADD-- When we are trying to withdraw the amount or cash transfer we use ADD function
MODIFY--- when we need modification
DELETE--- when we need to delete the transaction
INQUIRE--- used to inquire a transaction
VERFIY---to verify the transaction

Transaction Type\Subtype

Depending on the usage transaction type\subtype can be C/NP--Cash/Normal payment,T/CI--Customer Induced and C/CT Cash/Cash Transfer as shown in the below figure 

Cash Normal Payment----When the amount is less than 20000/- then we should use the trasaction sub type as Cash Normal Payment.

Customer Induced--- When the amount is 20000/- or above we use customer induced in this we have both Debit and Credit legs.

Cash/Cash Transfer--- when we need tranfer the cash i.e, from vault or to Vault or between tellers we use this transaction type.

When we select the function code and transaction type then the system will display the following screen as shown in the below screen

Then in the above we generally enter the following
  1. Select the transaction as Debit\Credit 
  2. Enter the Account id. 
  3. Enter the amount 
  4. Enter the Reference number 
Select the Restore value as shown in the below figure 

In Restore values there are so many options but in general we use the following
A-Additional Part Tran Details --- which is used in general for performing the MIS\TD or SCSS accounts.

G-Partioning Details--- For reversing the excess amount found in the counter the system will ask the partioning details there we have to enter account id of the teller.

For ex--- When customer noted wrong number then if the original customer asks about the amount then we will withdraw the amount in HTM using G-Partioning Details 

O-Other/Part Transaction Detail--- Which is used to inquire the transaction i.e., by whom the transaction created and by whom the transaction verified.

After entering the above details when we click on Go then the system will show the below screen

Generally remove the start amount and end amount, enter the reference number and in filter option select the option as "Select" then the system will show all the transaction which are reversed and which are not reversed. 

Then click on Go then the system wil display the screen as shown below

Then in the above screen one can observe if the tran amount and reversed amount are same then the payment has been done. 
If the tran amount is there but the reversed amount is '0'(zero) then it means payment is pending for due. 
In order to view the reversed amount details then click on the icon which is present in the field Contra Tran Details then the system will display the details by whom reversed and verified as shown

Click on "x" mark as shown in the above then the system will display the contra details as shown.

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