Saturday, April 25, 2015

Windows Server 2003 Speed Issues and Solution


OS : Windows 2003 Server SP2; SQL Version : SQL 2000


In Windows Server 2003, Network Speed is suddenly dropped into half of the network speed, 2-3 times per day. It gets so slow that none of the clients could work with the Server related program installed on them.

We tried so many different things such as replacing the hubs,switches and even some wires. Every time one of these changes solves the problem and the network goes back to its normal state.


  1. Server getting slow down due to unrestricted size of SQL database log file.
  2. In Windows Server 2003 by default SQL Server was configured as AutoGrow for database Log file.
  3. In this case our log file went to be some in GB size and that was the reason the network speed dropped every 6 or 7 ours.
  4. Because every time the clients request a query and changes were made in the DB, the log information may written in Log file and put zero for the rest of the log file size. This may causes the problem.
  5. To solve this we restricted the size to 10 MB for the log file and Problem Solved.

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