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Post AD Migration Issues and Solution

at the time of AD Migration we have to change the SQL Server Name. So that  we have to configure server name in all the DOP Softwares and SQL Server.

Issues 1

  • RPC error while Submit Point of Sale account.
  • MSDTC Services not Running


  • Go to Services (Control Panel > Administrative Tools >Services ) / Run > Services.msc
  • Start the service 'Distributed Transaction Coordinator' (MSDTC) with start up type as 'Automatic' and Log On As 'Network Service' 
Execute RPC Query at Once
exec sp_serveroption @server='myserver', @optname='rpc', @optvalue='true'
exec sp_serveroption @server='myserver', @optname='rpc out', @optvalue='true'
Note:  Replace 'myserver' with your servername in the above query.


Issues 2

POS booked articles not fetching in speednet module after changing the server name or formatting the server in SQL 2005 / 2008

Solution 1 : 

Run these two queries in SQL query analyzer one by one
sp_configure 'show advanced options',1
Then Execute
sp_configure 'Ad Hoc Distributed Queries',1

Solution 2

Right click on server name in SQL management studio->facets-> surface area configuration.
Set true to Ad hoc remote queries.

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