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26 point of charter of demands to SPOs Gonda for onward transmission to The Cabinet Secretary, Gonda Dn UP Circle comrade demonstration anc news published in local newspaper.

Ricoh India to disrupt 1,30,000 Rural Post Offices

Ricoh India to disrupt 1,30,000 Rural Post Offices

Amid of commemorating the visionary Good Governance Week, Ricoh India said that it has come along with Department of Post to disrupt 1,30,000 post offices across India.
The Imaging and IT solutions enabler is known to have partnered with the Dept. of Post for Implementing and Operating integrated Rural Hardware solution for around 1,30,000 post offices across India.
  • The solutions will comprise hand held devices with camera and bio metric facility and also a set of solar panels at EDO level and network connectivity.
  • To make the deployment seamless and hassle-free, the company will also setup service centres across India.
Sharing insights on the development, Manoj Kumar, Executive Vice President and CEO, Ricoh India said, “Being a company committed to excellence and innovation, Ricoh India is proud to be associated with this ambitious project launched by Department of Posts. India`s postal services is one of the largest networks in the world and with Ricoh established network of services and support infrastructure across India, we are confident of delivering the best value to Department of Posts and ensuring seamless integration of our products and services in this project by Ministry of IT and Communications. We are positive that through our product offerings and services we will be able to increase efficiencies, enhance service offerings and fulfill the objectives of Department of Posts”
Under the project Ricoh India will supply, install and maintain services of hardware, peripheral devices and operating system for “Rural Information & Communication Technology (ICT) – Hardware (RH)” Solution.
As projected through mobile terminals all postal and financial transactions in the rural branch offices will be covered, uploading collected data to India Post data centre; the services is said to enrich the delivery of services in the rural areas.
This project will be introduced at three pilot circles in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Rajasthan and by March 2017, it is aimed 1.30 lakh hand-held devices will be made available across rural branch offices.
The scope of work includes supply of mobile computing devices and peripherals, installation of solar UPS, connectivity to access the application by service providers along with maintenance for five years.

Preparation of Combined All India Seniority List of Inspector Posts for the year 2001 and onwards




  • A customer has changed the name in Gazette and wants to change the name in all the accounts.
  • Invoke the menu CMRC and select the function MODIFY 
  • Change the required Last name, Preferred name and short name 
  • Click on Submit 
  • Verify the modified details using CMRC menu 
  • The Name change done in CIF will not get effected in Account level as this CIF has already been linked. 
  • Now to correct the name in account details, invoke the menu HAALM from operator 
  • Select the function MODIFY 
  • Enter the account number wherein the name change has to be done 
  • Click on GO 
  • The old account details will be displayed 
  • Required name to be changed in A/c Name and A/c Short name fields 
  • An exception will be thrown, click on Accept 
  • Verify the same using HAALM in Supervisor login 
  • An exception error will be thrown. Click on Accept 
  • Name has been changed successfully in the account

Proposed revision of Revised Recruitment Rules : Assistant Manager MMS and Dy. Manager MMS

To view, please CLICK HERE.

ECMS Missing Document Procedure in McCamish

Click below link to Download/ View the ECMS missing doc procedure to be followed in CPCs in c/w McCamish.

Download Link for Bhuvan App for GEO Tagging

Click below Link to download app

Download above mobile application from the above link 

Before install do the below steps

To allow app installs from non-Market apps, tap the menu button on your home screen, then choose Settings > Applications >Unknown sources.
 Thenkas to Induchoodan P R, SA

Procedure to find the unverified SCSS accounts after modification in DOP Finacle

  1. When a SCSS account is modified it should be verified immediately otherwise the system will not generate the quarter interest for those unverified accounts in DOP Finacle.
  2. The procedure to find the unverified SCSS accounts after modification can be traced by using the menu HAFI.
  3. The step by step procedure is mentioned below

Step by Step Procedure to find the unverified SCSS accounts after modification

  • Invoke the menu HAFI then the system will show the below mentioned screen

  • Then in the above screen enter the following details
Enter the SOL ID ___________________
Enter the filed Ref. No. " Give two blank spaces"
Enter the filed General Ledger Subhead code as "30020" for SCSS General , "30018" for SCSS Defence and "30019" for SCSS VRS.
  • Select the authorized as "Not authorized" as mentioned in the below screen shot

  • Then click on GO then the system will show the list of unverified accounts as mentioned in the below screen shot.
  • In the above screen shot one can find the list of unverified accounts.

Solution for the above problem

Scenario 1:-
If in the above screen shot if the function is "M" then it means that modification is done by the counter PA but verification is not done.

Care to be taken by the Supervisor:- 
In the supervisor login invoke the menu CSCAM and verify the accounts immediatley.

Scenario 2 :- 

If in the above screen shot if the funaction is "R" then it means that Renewal is done (Extended) but not verified as shown in the figure.

Care to be taken by the Supervisor:-
  • In the Supervisor invoke the menu HTDREN and verify the accounts immediately.

Scenario 3:-

If in the above screen if the function is "Z" then it means that closure attempeted by the user but not verified as mentioned in the below screen shot

Care to be Taken by the Supervisor:- 
In the Supervisor login invoke the menu HCAACVTD and either cancel the closure or verify the closureaccording to the customer willingness.
Note :- For all TD/SCSS/MIS/SB/PPF accounts immediately after modification verification should be done by the supervisot otherwise system will not generate the ineterst as there are unverified records for those accounts hence verify all those accounts immediatley to overcome the non generation of interest by the system.

Tool for fetching Salary in Excel for TTUM revised (Both HO & SOs)

Tool for fetching Salary in Excel for TTUM revised (Both HOs & SOs) dated 31.12.2015

Generate Excel file from Accounts for Finacle Salary Upload (HO and SOs ) Version 2.0

Developed and Shared by
Rajesh CR, System Administrator,O/o the Postmaster
Dept. of posts, Kerala circle,Kattappana HPO, Idukki /
Mob: 9497278337

What's New:

  1. All 10 Digits accounts configured in Accounts package will be fetched for Both SOs and HO.
  2. OfficeNames will also be displayed.
  3. More Months added in selection.
  4. Validation to avoid duplication of fetching same bill no again.
  5. Remove unwanted columns after sorting excel on office name column, before using it in TTUM exe
Download Revised version of Salary Tool for TTUM from Google Drive

Smart Driver for Backup Drivers - Google Drive Download Link

Smart Driver v2.1 Portable for Drivers backup

  • Small tool to take backup all drivers.
  • Takes only few seconds to backup all drivers.

Simple and powerful backup Tool. Freeware

Download(Google Drive Link)


How to fix USB device not recognized or USB not Installed problem

Several times I have faced problems with USB devices in all Windows versions. For instance a USB device (e.g. printer, scanner or webcam) is not functioning or a USB storage device (e.g. USB flash disk) is not detected at all. USB devices issues can occur for different reasons.

USB Errors – Symptoms that can fixed using this guide:

  1. USB Device not recognized
  2. USB Printer not recognized or not printing
  3. USB Storage device cannot be recognized or ejected through “Safely Remove” option.
  4. USB device driver not successfully installed or Windows cannot install USB device error.
  5. Unrecognized USB device in Device Manager (error code 43)

Solution : Solve USB problems with Microsoft USB Fix It utility.

1. First download the Microsoft Fix It utility to your computer.*

* Notes:
– Windows 8 & 8.1 users must download the Windows 8 USB Hotfix.
– Windows 7 USB Fix it Utility can work also for Windows Vista & Windows XP.
– Windows Vista users can try also the USB Devices Fix It utility for Windows Vista.
– Windows XP users can also try the USB Fix it for Windows XP.
Windows 8, 8.1, Server 2012: 
Windows 7, Vista & XP: 
Windows Vista (alternative): 
Windows XP (alternative): 

2. Run Microsoft Fix It tool and press “Accept”.
3. Select “Detect problems and apply the fixes for me (Recommended)” option.

4. Let the troubleshooter to fix USB problems and press “Next”.
If your problem is fixed, close the troubleshooter and check your USB devices functionality.

Deputation of PMG(Operations), Delhi Circle as Joint Secretary, Department of Justice

Deputation of Shri Rajinder Kumer Kashyap(IPoS-1989), PMG(Operations), Delhi Circle as Joint Secretary, Department of Justice

India Post Payment Bank to be operational by March 2017

Re-designation of the post of Higher Selection Grade-I Head Clerk in SB Control Organisation and SB Pairing Units

Re-designation of the post of Higher Selection Grade-I Head Clerk in SB Control Organisation and SB Pairing Units / Offices as Higher Selection Grade-I in Savings Bank Control Organisation ( SBCO )

Download / View Original Order Copy of Higher Selection Grade-1 in SBCO

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7th Pay Commission – Government is ready to negotiate on salary increase: Arun Jaitley

7th Pay Commission – Government is ready to negotiate on salary increase: Arun Jaitley, Please read this news paper report published in Hindi Daily:-

Anomaly in Pension Fixation as per Recommendations of 7th Pay Commission

There is an anomaly in pension fixation of pre-2016 pensioners as per 7th CPC recommendations. The 7th CPC has offered two options.

Option I:

Pension calculated by multiplying pension fixed by VI CPC by a multiplying factor of 2.57.

Option II:

Notional pay to be determined by multiplying entry pay under appropriate e Grad Pay and Level taking into consideration number of increments earned in the pay scale from which one retires. 50 % of this notional pay is the pension w.e.f. 1-1-2016.
Whichever pension of Option I and Option II is higher is the pension.


If one gets a promotion to higher post in which he serves for less than one year there is no increment earned. 50% of this notional pay as per Pay Matrix of the VII CPC will be pension w.e.f. 1-1-2016 and this pension under Option II is always and always lower than the Pension under OPTION I. Thus, there is no choice for him.


It is common to observe that most of the pensioners retired on superannuation after serving in a higher post on promotion will be retiring within a year or so and the increments earned by them in that pay scale is nil or meager compared to the increments earned in the immediate lower pay scale from which he was promoted and this fact seems to have been given a goby. Pensioner who does not earn any increments in the pay scale on promotion which may be only an extension of the lower pay scale should have his increments earned in the lower pay scale counted for calculation of the notional pay which is a part and parcel of the pay scale to which he is promoted.

Mr.Visvesvara M K

Holiday Configuration Tool 2016 for Assam Circle

Configuration Tool for Holiday 2016 - Assam Circle

Holiday configuration 2016 Tool has been released by Admin PoTools to configure the holiday on Single click in the following Modules.

1. Point of Sale
2. Sub Accounts
3. Sanchay Post.
CBS Migrated Offices select only first two options to update holidays in Point of Sale and Sub Account Modules.

Operating Procedure 

  • Download the Holiday Configuration Tool from PoTools.
  • Extract the same in your Computer.
  • View Holiday List to ensure whether holidays are configured correctly.
  • Enter SQL Information of Server Machine using SQL Info button.
  • Select required modules to configure the holidays then click on UPDATE 2016 HOLIDAYS

Click below link to Download Holiday 2016 Tool for Assam Circle

Dear Friends,
Share your circle holiday to develop a Tool for your Circle. Subscribe your mail for regular & latest updates in your inbox.

Enter Your email ID:

Collection of BSNL Postpaid bills - AP Circle

From 01.01.2016 onwards collection of BSNL post paid bills through TPH collection in the Point of Sale will be discontinued and amount is to be collected in e-payment under biller id BSNL AP TELECIRCLE 5110.

Source : APPost

Launch of post-terminals for BPMs - Rural ICT Project

Department has launched issue of Post-Terminals (POTD Devices) to BPMs on pilot basis on 28.12.2015 in the states of U.P, Rajasthan and Bihar as part of implementation of RICT ( Rural Information & Communication Technology). 

Key highlights of RICT

  1. Branch Post Masters to be given a hand held device for day-to-day operations
  2. Through the hand held device, BPM will be able to do transactions for Core Banking, Insurance and Mail Operations
  3. Scanning of documents and barcodes through a scanner
  4. Regional language support on the handheld device
  5. Provision of solar panels for battery charging at all Branch office

Ms. Aakansha Shukla BPM (UP) receiving first Hand Held device from MoC
BPM Farsand Mohanpur receiving Hand Held Device from MoC

Delivery of DAVP Calenders in Post Offices

DAVP calenders for the year 2016 posted without prepayment of postage under license issued by the Department, will be sent by DO shortly to all SOs/HOs for delivery of the same to District Collectors, Panchayat Secretaries, MPDOs and MROs under acquittance on the same day of receipt.  Following are the instructions received.

Bunching benefit in Pay Band 1 Grade Pay 1900

Bunching benefit in Pay Band 1 Grade Pay 1900

As per the 7th Pay Commission Report in page 80 para 5.1.36, it has clearly stated that rationalisation has been done with utmost care to ensure minimum bunching at most levels, however if situation does arise whenever more than two stages are bunched together, one additional increment equal to 3 percent may be given for every two stages bunched, and pay fixed in the subsequent cell in the pay matrix.

According to the above statement, we have prepared new bunching table. Here we have noticed 2 bunching in Pay Band I Grade Pay 1900,

Example :

For both Basic Pay of Rs. 8990 & Rs.9260 we can see 23800 in the calculation based on 2.57 fixation as per pay matrix. In this case we have to fix the Pay as below
Pay in the pay bandGrade pay6th cpc Basic payMultiplication FactorMultiplied ResultRounded to nearest stage as per 7cpc fitment table7th cpc New basic pay (Bunching adjusted)
We also updated the bunching benefit in the 7th Pay Commission Calculator for all the grade pay. Information (in Red) will be visible only if your basic pay comes under bunching

Claim closure procedure for any type of account in DOP Finacle

  1. Generally if the investor/depositor of an account expires then the accounts associated with that investor/depositor can be claimed by the claimant ( Nominee if available or Legal heir) which is known as Claim Closure.
  2. We initially take all the supported documents and after proper verification of documents the concerned higher level official will sanction the claim closure.
  3. Claim closures for any account should be done only after sanction by the sanctioning authority.
  4. After sanctioning, claim closures can be done in any CBS office as per the SB order 08/2015 Scenario 5 and Scenario 6.
  5. Step by step procedure of claim closures in DOP Finacle is mentioned below

Step by Step procedure of Claim closures in DOP Finacle

Change the depositor status to Deceased at CIF Level
  • Before invoking the closure menu we have to make the customer status to Deceased and enter the date of death at CIF level using the menu CMRC.
  • In counter PA login invoke the menu CMRC and select the function as Modify then the system will show the following screen
  • Enter the CIF id and then click on Go as shown in the figure
  • Then the system will display the customer details as shown in the below figure.
  • In the customer details enter the following detailed mentioned below
1. change the Customer status to "Deceased"
2. Enter the filed Date of Death __________________ as mentioned in the below figure

  • Then click on Submit and verify in the supervisor.
  1. Closure of the account using the reason code as Death claim.
  2. After modifying the customer status to Deceased then we have to proceed for the account closure.
  3. Use the account closure menu for the respective scheme i.e.
For SB/PPF account -- Use the menu HCAAC.
For RD account-- Use the menu CRDCAAC.
For NSC/KVP certificates--- Use the menu CSCCAAC.
For MIS/TD/SCSS account--- Use the menu HCAACTD
For example if we are closing the SB account then invoke the menu HCAAC then the system will show the below screen.
Then enter the below details
Enter the field account ID __________
Select the Transaction Type as "Transfer"
Enter the Transaction A/c ID. "Postmaster A/c id" (SOLID+0340) because payment of claim closure should be through cheque only as mentioned in the below screen shot

  • Then click on Go then the system will display the account information details as mentioned in below screen shot

Then click on Closure tab then the system will show below screen and in the closure reason column select the reason code as "DTCLM" (This is mandatory for claim closures as the system will calculate the interest based on the closure reason code) which is mentioned in the below screen shot

  • Then click on Submit and verify in the supervisor.
After successful closure of account using the claim closure then make the CIF as Suspended by using the menu CMRC so that no one will open the accounts using the Deceased CIF.

Some of the users are changing the CIF status to Suspended CIF before closure of account which results in the error while closing the account hence make sure close the account and then change the CIF to suspended state,

Flaws of the 7th Pay Commission report – Have a look on future anomalies

The statistics reveals that there are 88 % of total strength of Government servants are in Group ‘C’ Category.

Obviously those who are representing these 88% at the Forums which are constituted to negotiate with concerned Departments and Government about their issues are capable of weighing the advantages and disadvantages of recommendations of 7th central pay commission.

The Staff Associations and Workers federations are the one who are representing Group C and Group B at various levels of negotiating forums know the plights and facts of government servants more than anybody. They in fact never utter a word of praise on 7th CPC recommendations since the day the report was submitted to the Finance Minister.

National Council JCM and Confederation described it as Retrograde recommendations, unexpected and un acceptable. They declared that all the central government employees are upset and dis satisfied since many of their demands were not considered by 7th pay commission.
  1. Pay Scales and allowances are arrived by multiplying 2.57, just 14.29 % increase over existing pay and Allowances after DA neutralization, take home salary of many employees is bound to decreased.
  2. The rate of HRA has been abruptly reduced, 
  3. Payment of CCL has been reduced for second 365 days. 
  4. Same confusion in MACP continues, 
  5. Uncertainty in Pension benefit in NPS continues.
  6. Existing Pension provisions are left un touched. None of the proposals submitted by Pensioners Associations are not considered. 
  7. Minimum Pay is very much less; Maximum Pay is lavishly higher. [Minimum Rs.18000 – Maximum Rs.275000], Varying multiplying factor will increase minimum to maximum pay ration infinitely high.
  8. Gap between Minimum and Maximum Pay is not reduced, but unfortunately increased. [In sixth CPC it is 1:12 , 7th CPC Recommends 1:14]
  9. All the Pay commission reduced the number of pay scales but 7th Pay commission maintained the existing pay scales, 
  10. 55 Allowances are abolished, No new allowances are introduced, 
  11. Same 3% increment continues, NCJCM demand for Two Increment Days 1st January and 1st July is not considered
  12. No considerable benefit on Promotion,
  13. Interest free advances including LTC advance are abolished, 
  14. Except the introduction of New Pay Matrix, nothing new in the recommendations of 7th Pay commission
  15. Again uniform Multiplication factor was not applied for arriving Entry Pay for various Grades.
Low value for Lower Grades high value for higher Grades. Again the disparity in arriving Entry Pay is maintained by 7th CPC also.

What sixth CPC had recommended in some cases, what Government has suggested in some issues, what the Department has told, that has been just followed by the 7th Pay commission.

So the Central government employees are expecting the Government to pay attention to the concerns of Govt servants in respect of some recommendations of 7th pay commission which need to be addressed to boost the morale of the Central Govt staffs.

The constituents of NCJCM already formed National Joint Council of Action (NJCA) to invite the attention of Central Government through agitation Programmes to settle their demands. Now they modified their charter of demands to include the issues regarding 7th Pay Commission recommendation and cautioned that unless it is not settled before March 2016, they will be going for indefinite Strike.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Payment of TA to CG employees posted in offices located at Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon and Noida

Payment of TA to Central Government Employees

Very important points to be carried out by Post offices migrated to CBS

General :

  1. In case of RD deposits accepted through MPKBY agents, two copies of LOT is to be taken from agent. One copy  should be kept in the  office guard file and another copy should be attached with the Pay-in slip and placed at the end of RD voucher bundle.[Point 1.4]
  2. Account opening form or SB – 3 card of  an account which is opened on obtaining KYC documents, at the first time,  need not be sent to SBCO at the time of closure along with the closed voucher. The remarks “SB-3 / AOF retained with KYC documents” should be recorded  on the closed voucher under the signature of ASPM /SPM.   [Point 1.5]
  3. AOF obtained for the subsequently opened accounts should be attached with the closed voucher and sent to SBCO.[Point 1.5]
  4. In case of accounts closed at the Post office other than the office where they are opened,  Account Transfer Form is to be collected at the time of closure and should be attached with the Closure voucher. [Point1.5]
  5. In case of any Interest adjustment and adjustment related to pre-migration period ,if required, SPM / ASPM will write error book entry and raise the issue with Head Postmaster [Point 1.6 ]

Change in Procedure of Sealing of vouchers and LOT by CBS Post offices:

  1. Post office staff should write the name of Scheme and TRAN ID in red ink on the right hand side of the voucher [ Point 2.1 ]
  2. One deposit slip and one withdrawal slip will be prepared for auto credit of MIS / SCSS / TD to Savings account and Savings account to RD category accounts.[ Point 2.2 ]
  3. One deposit slip will be prepared for the total of each type of Agent Commission credited in to Savings accounts supported by consolidated list of commission paid.[ Point 2.3 ]
  4. One withdrawal slip will be prepared by SPM for the POSB cheque clearing amount (based on the clearing amount intimated to clearing House / HO ) and print out of cheque’s image should be attached to it.[ Point 2.4 ]
  5. At the closing of counter hours, all vouchers should be sorted scheme-wise, TRAN ID wise. Vouchers should be tallied with the LOT shown in the system by the Counter PA and SPM / ASPM [ Point 2.5 ]
  6. A consolidation of the scheme should be generated and two copies of print out taken [Pt. 2.6 ]
  7. ASPM / SPM will sign the consolidation and write the amount of all heads  in words and figures along with no. of deposits and withdrawal vouchers included in the bundle of each category.  If any manual correction is made, it should be supported by copy of Error Book (One copy to be attached with the voucher, one copy with the office copy of consolidation and one copy to be sent to Divisional office. ) [ Point 2.7 ]
  8. All vouchers including closed vouchers are to be sealed along with the one copy of print out of consolidation. Another copy of the consolidation should be preserved in guard file scheme wise and date wise for each category.  [ Point 2.7 ]
Further, the old SB-3 cards pertaining to Suboffices shall be dispatched to concerned sub offices from HO, which may be preserved at SO.

Cancellation of PA/SA DR Examination for the year 2013-14 held in UP Circle on 01.06.2014

Cancellation of PA/SA Direct Recruitment Examination for the year 2013-2014 held in UP Circle on 01.06.2014

No Interviews For Govt Jobs From Jan 1; Skill Test May Continue: DoPT

New Delhi: All central government ministries and their Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) were today told to dispense with the requirement of interviews for selections at junior level posts within next two days, however, they may continue with skill or physical test.
Minister of State for Personnel Jitendra Singh

The timeliness set regarding completing the process of the discontinuation of interview by December 31, 2015 has to be adhered to strictly, a communique sent by Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) to secretaries of all central government ministries said.

From January 1, 2016, there will be no recruitment with interview at the junior level posts in government of India ministries, departments, attached and subordinate offices, autonomous bodies and PSUs.
“All the advertisement for future vacancies will be without the interview as part of the recruitment process,” it said.
The decision to discontinue interview for recruitments is for all Group C and non-gazetted posts of Group ‘B’ category and all such equivalent posts, the DoPT said.
“It is also clarified that as skill test or physical test is different from interview, they may continue. However, these tests will only be of qualifying nature. Assessment will not be done on the basis of marks for such tests,” it said.
In case of specific posts where the ministry or department wants to continue undertaking interview as a process of recruitment, a detailed proposal seeking exemption will have to be sent to the DoPT with the approval of the minister or minister-in-charge.

The ministries have been asked to send a consolidated report to the DoPT by January 7 in this regard.

“Report so to be furnished with the approval of the minister or minister-in-charge shall include the details of the name and number of posts where the interview is discontinued and posts for which the exemption has been sought within the purview of the administrative ministries or departments,” the order said.

Similarly, the Department of Public enterprises has also asked all ministries to advise PSUs under their administrative control to adopt a revised mechanism of recruitment for the non-executive level posts by dispensing with the practice of interview.

Commemorative Postage Stamp on "Alagumuthu Kone"

A Commemorative Postage Stamp on "Alagumuthu Kone" has been released by Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, Hon'ble Minister for Communications and IT at Madurai on 26/12/2015

7वे वेतन आयोग का विरोध

धनबाद : 1 जनवरी 2016 से लागू होने वाली 7वें वेतन आयोग के विरोध में आज इण्डिया अगेंस्ट करप्शन की ओर से धनबाद के रणधीर वर्मा चौक पर एक दिवसीय धरना दिया गया. धरना पर बैठे इण्डिया अगेंस्ट करप्शन के पुरुष सदस्यों ने कहा कि आगामी एक जनवरी से सातवाँ वेतन आयोग सरकार लागू करने जा रही है.

सातवे वेतन आयोग के लागू होने से एक निचले स्तर के सरकारी कर्मचारी से लेकर विधायक और सांसदों के वेतन वृद्धि तो होगी लेकिन निजी क्षेत्र में कार्य करने वाले आम जनमानस पर महंगाई का अतिरिक्त बोख बढ़ेगा. वहीँ महिला सदस्यों ने कहा कि जिस प्रकार फिनलैंड में प्रत्येक नागरिको को 58000 रूपये पेंशन फिनलैंड सरकार द्वारा दिया जा रहा उसी प्रकार भारत के महिलाओं को दो हजार रूपये पेंशन दिया जाना चाहिए तभी महिला सशक्तिकरण को आगे बढ़ाया जा सकता है.

Discontinuation of Interview at Junior Level Posts in the Government of India - recommendation of Committee of Secretaries

Discontinuation of Interview at Junior Level Posts in the Government of India - recommendation of Committee of Secretaries.

Click here to view DoPT OM No. 39020/01/2013-Estt (B)-Part, dated 29.12.2015 and Department of Public Enterprises O M F. No. DPE-GM-01/0001/2015-GM —FTS-4857, dated 14.12.2015.

Ministry to Launch Schemes to Digitalise Postal Services

The Communication and IT ministry is set to a launch a slew of schemes on December 28 that will seek to digitally connect rural post offices across the country enable core banking facilities at 12,000 other post offices.

Central Govt Employees Fear Delay In Implementation Of Pay Commission Award

New Delhi: Central government employees are being promised bigger pay hike from next year but implementation of the Seventh Pay Commission Award is making very slow and painful progress.
Finance Minister Arun Jaitley

Central government employees have expressed frustration at this, and are worried that the Seventh Pay Commission’s recommendations might not be implemented on time.

The Finance Minister Arun Jaitley promised in the Parliament on February 27 to implement the pay commission’s recommendations from next year and said “the Seventh Pay Commission impact may have to be absorbed in 2016-17.”

After receiving the Seventh Pay Commission report, the Finance Ministry has set up a cell in Expenditure Department headed by a Joint Secretary for a period of one year with effect from November 20, 2015 for implementation the recommendations of the Commission.

Giving one year time to implementation cell to process the the Seventh Pay Commission report to implement may hamper timely implementation as the cell would be placed it before the cabinet for its nod through the group of secretaries of revision pay panel report headed by cabinet secretary. which is also a time taking process.

It is also noted, the central government appointed senior IAS officer R K Chaturved as the head of the cell after one moth of its set up.

There are several states who have approached the Prime Minister’s Office, Cabinet Secretary and Niti Aayog, seeking more time in implementation of the Seventh Pay Commission’s report.

West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Odisha governments suggested delay in implementation of Seventh Commission’s recommendation for central government employees will give them more time to equip themselves with resources to meet Seventh Pay Commission Award for their employees.

The Seventh Pay Commission had last month submitted its report to the Ministry of Finance. It had recommended a 23.55 per cent increase in salary, allowances and pension of government staff, involving an additional burden of Rs 1.02 lakh crore in 2016-17. This is less than the overall hike of the Sixth Central Pay Commission.

The Seventh Pay Commission recommendations will benefit 47 lakh central government employees and 52 lakh pensioners. It will lead to an additional outgo of Rs 73,650 crore from the Union Budget and Rs 28,450 crore from Railway Budget.

The new pay scales, subject to acceptance by the government, will come into effect from January 1, 2016.

The government constitutes the Pay Commission almost every 10 years to revise the pay scale of its employees and often these are adopted by states after some modifications.

The Sixth Pay Commission was implemented with effect from January 1, 2006, the fifth from January 1, 1996 and the fourth from January 1, 1986.

New Mail ID for CBS Post Migration issues - TN Circle

With repeated request sill the PO's migrated to CBS Platform are sending the Post-migration issues like EOD completed, EOD not completed, User ID Issues, Transaction Issues to DMCC, Chennai instead of sending CPC, Tamil Nadu which will cause delay in resolving the issue.

Mail Post Migration Issues to the CPC not DMCC

CPC, Tamil Nadu Mail:-

Permitting of officials in departmental exams

Click below link to view the directorate order dated 10.12.2015 regarding permitting of officials awarded with punishment or against whom disciplinary proceeding is contemplated/pending.

Post Office Database Backup Tool v2.0 Revised dated 27.12.2015

Database Backup Tool v2.0 for Post Offices

What's New:

  1. Backup of single database functionality added.
  2. You can select your database from drop down list.
  3. Deleted some files and added functionality  directly in application.

Installation Instructions:

Follow these instructions only if you already installed PO_BACKUP v1.0, Otherwise you can install PO_BACKUP V2 directly
  1. Cut and Paste DATABASES(You can find it at " D:\PO_BACKUP\ " ) folder to Desktop.
  2. Uninstall PO_BACKUP.
  3. Now install PO_BACKUP V2, cut and paste DATABASES folder to " D:\PO_BACKUP\ "
eMail: ""
Click below link to download the latest version of database backup Tool.

Promotional avenues for Central government staffs as 30% of employees to retire in next ten years

The data provided in the 7th CPC report suggests that higher Promotional avenues will be available in next ten years since 26 to 29 Percentage of Central Government employees are at the verge of Retirement. The statistics about age profile reveals that the Government servants in the age group of 50 to 60 is higher percentage than other age Group of 20-30, 30-40 and 40-50. So obviously there will be bright chances for those who are waiting to replace the seniors in Promotional Grades

7th CPC report on Age Profile of Central Government Personnel as on 01.01.2014
Of the total 33.02 lakh persons in position as on 01.01.2014, the break up in various age groups is indicated in the pie chart below

Personnel in Age Group of 50 to 60: With a view to ascertaining the retirements that would take place in the coming few years the Commission reviewed the data for all ministries/departments in the age group of 50 to 60 years. Of the total 33.02 lakh persons in position, as on 01.01.2014, 9.48 lakh persons, constituting about 29 percent of personnel were in the age group of 50 to 60 years.
3.60 Table 8 brings out the position in this regard amongst the largest ministries/departments.
Table 8: Proportion of Personnel in 50-60 Age Group

3.61 Data provided to the Commission indicates an unusually large percentage of personnel in the 50-60 years age group in certain ministries/departments- 75 percent in Textiles, 64 percent in Coal, 62 percent in Urban Development, 60 percent in Petroleum and Natural Gas, 57 percent in Science and Technology, 56 percent in Heavy Industry, 52 percent in New and Renewable Energy, 51 percent in AYUSH and 50 percent in Power. This is a ready pointer to the number of retirements that would take place in the next ten years.

3.62 The Ministry wise particulars of age profile of personnel as on 01.01.2014 is detailed in Annex 5

3.63 The Commission notes that losing experienced high level personnel entails unquantifiable costs as new recruits will require training and on the job skills. At the same time it presents ministries/departments the opportunity to align their personnel requirement in line with their current and future challenges.