Tuesday, January 13, 2015

System Admin : CSAC Menu Extended to Other SOL also

CSAC for System Administrator to other SOL

Changes have been implemented in production for the CSAC menu. It can be invoked by the system administrators for users across POs and is now not limited to his default PO.

  1. Login as System Administrator in Finacle Website.
  2. Enter CSAC then enter User ID of your SOL or Other SOL User ID
  3. Click on Reset to SAC Already logged in User.

the System administrators/DSM can  set right the  user login issues(i.e 'USER IS ALREDAY LOGGED IN' etc) of the  officials of  other SOLs   also.

Tool to Identify Installation Status of Meghdoot v7.9.2


CEPT has developed a tool to identify the Installation status of various Meghdoot modules.  This tool checks the upgradation status of various Meghdoot applications installed in a Post office and  will provide the information as to whether the Post Office has been upgraded to Meghdoot Version 7.9.2 or not.     If any Meghdoot application is not upgraded to Version 7.9.2,  the application will display the Version Number of the application being used.   

It  provides the upgradation status separately for the application files (exe) and the databases of various meghdoot applications.    



Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.    

Installation Procedure: 

1) Download the zipped file containing the Tool from the afore-mentioned URL 
2) Copy the zipped file to any system in the LAN of the Post office and unzip the same
3) The Tool viz., MeghdootVersionCapture.exe will be available for use.
4) No separate installation of the application is required.    

Working Procedure:

Run Meghdoot Version Capture.exe
Provide the office type whether i.e., HO / SO.   By default, the application will take the office type as HO.   As Sub Post offices will not have applications like Accounts etc., the office type is to be provided to make the distinction.
Provide the office is a Delivery / Non-Delivery office. By default tool will take as Delivery Office.
Provide the SQL Server name where all the Meghdoot databases are available
Provide application path of  each Meghdoot application.
Once the user enter all the details and Click on “Ok”,  the installation status of the applications will be shown to the user.   
Simultaneously,   a text file containing the up-gradation status will be generated in the application path of the MeghdootVersionCapture exe.  
If all the Meghdoot applications are properly upgraded to 7.9.2, a successful message also will be shown.    The screen looks like this

Processing of BNPL bills through SpeedNet

Processing of BNPL bills through SpeedNet 4.2

Ref: Directorate’s letter no. GM(F)/Misc/2014-BD&MD dated 07.01.2015
          Member(O) vide letter cited above has reiterated that no BNPL Speed post booking will be done except through SpeedNet and that BNPL bills will be generated only through SpeedNet.

           It is therefore requested to kindly intimate whether the BNPL bills are processed only through SpeedNet module in your Region.  A report may be sent to this office by 14.01.2015 positively for giving timely reply to Dte.

Download Full Order Copy:

Solution for RD Agent Commission Report in Sanchay Post

RD Agent Commission Report problem- Solution

Many of us not depending on  Sanchay Post for agent reports because of incorrect calculation of TDS and EC.Here is the solution for the said problem.

Procedure to Update in Sanchay Post

  1. Unzip the zip file (update_report.zip) and copy it to the DBAnalyzer folder and run it from the same location.
  2. In addition, after running the above file, unzip the attached pbd file 
  3. Copy to / SP5 /OT folder in all the systems running Sanchay Post online module. 
  4. Check agent report TDS/Cess etc shown in agent report is correct.


Thanks to Rajesh