Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Pre Requisite for Execute SP Tool and DM Utility

Pre Requisite for Mock / Go Live data Migation

DMCC Finally Released All in One Tool for Data Migration, that is called DM Utility (Data Migration Utility).we have to Execute only one bat i.e RunAll.bat to execute both SP Tool and DM Utility for Data Migration.

Pre-requisite(s) for SP Tool

  1. MSSQL 2000/2005/2008
  2. JRE 1.6/1.7
  3. Oracle 11g XE

Kindly Ensure all the above criteria should met before start send data for Migration. 

Transfer In between Post office CBS to CBS : Finacle

Menu : Transfer and Verify

HACXFSOL - Account Transfer between SOL
  • Customer will visit the home branch and submit the request for PPF transfer of his PPF account from his branch to another CBS branch.
  • Maker will validate the PPF account details and then invoke HACXFSOL (Transfer Menu between  CBS Sol’) menu and choose option “T-Transfer” and click Go button.
  • Maker will then fill in the following details such as account number, Target sol id (To Sol (CBS Branch) where the account is going to be transferred) and press the submit button.
  • System will do all basic validation on the account during this process such as Pending transaction on the account not authorized includes teller transaction, clearing transaction, standing instruction, account related transaction etc. This error message will be shown on the report.
  • Maker can invoke HPR menu and see all the details and authorize all the transaction which are pending for the account. Once all pending transaction are verified, Maker will again reinitiate the process of transfer by invoking the menu HACXFSOL.
  • A transfer request number will be generated on submitting the request. Maker user will see HPR report and check there are no pending transaction for the account. If the report has no pending transaction for the account. Maker can submit to verifier for authorization.
  • Verifier can check all details such as account number, from branch, to branch and verify the transfer request through the menu HACXFSOL menu (V-Verify option).
  • On press of verify button, the account get transferred from the CBS home branch to CBS branch as requested by customer.
  • Customer can visit the new CBS branch where he has requested for the account and collect the passbook and operate the account.
  • PPF Account number remains the same, as the transfer happens between the CBS branches. 
  • There will not be any interest application during account transfer.
  • It was discussed that account can be transferred by the SOL also where the customer wants  transfer. That process also needs to be shown here.

The Same Menu have to Invoke by Supervisor and Verify the Same.

Bio Metric Attendance system increases efficiency in Central Government Office

Bio Metric Attendance system in Central Government Offices

After the implementation of the bio metric attendance system, the analysis of the last three months show that central government employees are working nearly twenty minutes extra in office every day.

It works out to an additional workforce of almost 1,900 employees every day, said government sources. 

In the three months since the system began functioning, there has been a gain of 16,000 man hours or eight-and-a-half hours a working day.

The study shows that the average ‘in-time’ was 9.28 am and out-time was 5.46 pm. Currently, ministries and departments of the government have a 9 am to 5.30 pm day, while attached or subordinate offices work from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm.
Sources say, employees spending more time at work could also lead to more productivity and cutting down on pendency.
Currently, 387 organisations have implemented the biometric system of attendance. The project is being expanded to all Government offices.