Friday, February 13, 2015

RD Bulk Account Open through Sanchay Post by PoTools

RD Bulk Account Open Final version by PoTools

RD Account Open Tool is used to Open Bulk number of accounts for the same person in lower denomination. 

Download RD Bulk Account Open

Procedure to Open a Bulk Number of New Account

  • Download attached RD Account Open Tool from PoTools.
  • Close all other Modules includin Communications.
  • Login as Counter in Sanchay Post and Make sure RD Account Open Form selected.
  • Open RD Account Tool and Enter account details Like name, address deposit amt etc.
  • Before execute Open account ensure screen should be like

Download RD Bulk Account Open

Note : RD BO Accounts Opened using this Tool without selecting BO account will not reflect in LOT after Tagging it.

Data Profiling Tool v5.8 dated 31.01.2015

DPT v5.8 dated 31.01.2015 by DMCC


McCAMISH Helper Version 2.0 (Update - 1) Released

McCAMISH Helper Version 2.0 (Update - 1) 

Thanks to Developer
Gaurav Patel System Admin, Mahim HO, Mumbai Region, Maharashtra Circle
After receiving request from so many CPCs an offline & lite version of McCAMISH Helper 2.0 (Update - 1) is released, now you can access all the required documents related to McCAMISH locally. no need to download from Internet.

Whats New in McCAMISH Helper Version 2.0  (Update - 1)

  • Offline Access to the documents (All Documents and Training material can access locally) 
  • Easy Setup and Lite Version of Application
  • Easy Screenshot Button Added
  • McCAMISH Receipt Setting Added
  • McCAMISH Auto Broweser Setting Added
  • POLI Rules - 2011 Added
  • Feedback form Added
  • Meghdoot feed upload process in McCAMISH Added
  • Sample CVS file for Meghdoot Feed creation added
  • Agent comission calculation process in McCAMISH Added
  • Customer Portal Tutorial added
  • System Admin Tutorial Added

New Release of DM Utility Tool and DPT Tools by DMCC

DM Utility and DPT Tools New Release

Download Link of Latest Version

DPT 5.8 dt 31/01/2015

DM Utilty Tool (Ver 3.4) and SP Tool ver (3.4) dated 31/01/2015

Features of new tool

  • Extraction of new series of KVP
  • Linking of KVN3, KVN4,KVN5 and KVP6 to SAS agents
  • Few more issues wrt to Addressbook, RD Nominations MIS Interest have been fixed in this tool.
  • This new tool is to be brought into use immediately. 

Offices scheduled from 16/02/2015 ie offices sending Go Live data on 13/02/2015 to use this tool.
Tool to extract KVN separately for already migrated offices is to be released shortly.
​It is intimated that ​ Go Live data received with older version of Tool will not be considered for Go Live.

DPT Fix 4.9 Solution for DPT Discrepancies Final Version

DPT Solution v4.9 Final Version

What's New ?

  • MDE database issues(duplicate certificate & duplicate regn no.)
  • MDE issue- Binder transdate<>gardfile transdate
  • Agents without entry in dcl.nsc_agents table
Fixed small bug in mde_sign in earlier option of same regn no. but different certificate no.

Snaps of DPT 4.9 final Version