Monday, February 16, 2015

Google Chrome Desktop Installer Offline version

Chrome Remote desktop installer

After install the chrome Remote desktop addon while trying to share or enable remote access from Chrome it may ask to install Chrome Remote Desktop host. 
  • You can download Chrome Remote host installer at once to install all the offices
  • Install Chrome Browser Latest Version.
  • Install Chrome Remote Desktop addon.
  • then install Remote host to enable remote access.


Mirror 1
Thanks to Saravanan SA

Query to Create McCamish Account Heads

Create McCamish Heads in MM Module

The query should be executed only after day end of all modules or before day begin of all modules only. 
  • Change the date in query as the execution date.
  • i.e replace 270115 with execution date.00 

McCamish Accounts Head for PLI

McCamish Accounts Head for RPLI

Download Query and Format

Query for McCamish Head
Thanks to Rajesh H