Monday, March 09, 2015

RPLI Default fee calculator version 1.01 for Post Offices

Prerequisites of the software are:

  • Microsoft dot net framework 2.0 (prerequisite of eMO software)
  • Microsoftdot net framework 4.0 client profile
  • Installer 3.1 (included in software package)
  • Windows imaging component (included in software package) 

Features of the software:

  1. The calculated default fee can be pasted directly in to point of sale by pressing control+v
  2. Mouse free operation (tabs will switch between fields and enter will calculate)
  3. 100% checking of inputs provided and popping out error messages whenever there is an input error.
  4. This software will help while booking bulk RPLI transactions.

Download Link

Dot net 4.0 client profile download link : 

(Dot net 2.0 can be used as the same with Meghdooth 7.0)

Credits to: Ajeesh E, System Administrator, Calicut Civil Station HPO, Kerala

SPCOD Booking Issues and Solution in Speed Net 4.2

SPCOD Booking issues for BNPL Customer

While Book an SPCOD article for BNPL Customer in Speed Net 4.2 it may shows the error message an 

The office with the Pincode like 110011 is not found in the office master list. Please update the Office Master database fire and re-try.


  • Go to Speed Net 4.2 Supervisor.
  • Select Option

BNPL > BNPL Configuration > Map Pincode - Distance Slabs

  •  Click on Re-configure button to auto configure the Distance Slabs for BNPL Customer.

Speed Post BNPL Article Booking details Export to Excel

BNPL Speed Post Article Information Exporting Tool



  • Download attached Tool from PoTools.
  • Enter Server name and Select Customer and Article Booking Period.
  • Click on Load Button then click Export to Excel.