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This  tool  is  intended  for  posting  the  interest  entries  generated  in  Sanchay  Post,  to V2SBCO  database files.  This tool should be used before the SBCO data is upgraded to the next financial year, but after generation of annual interest in V2SBCO software.

Download(Size : 25MB)

PoTools(Google Drive)


SDC Chennai:(Dropbox)

Preparatory Work

  1. Take a backup of SBCO files.
  2. Regular process  for generation of  annual  interest  in V2SBCO should be  done upto IBB calculation. Upgradation Process in V2SBCO should not be done at this stage.
  3. View  the  reports  to  check  whether  interest  is  generated  in  V2SBCO  using  the  option Reports > Annual Reports. If interest is generated in V2SBCO then continue the below mentioned  steps  otherwise check  the  reason  for  non-generation  of  interest  with  the V2SBCO software technical person for solution.
  4. Take a print out of Interest (63) report  in V2SBCO  before proceeding further  without fail for future reference. 

Interest Posting Procedure

  1. Unzip and run the setup.exe to install the tool.
  2. Enter Sanchay Post Server name, SQL user name, SQL password and click on OK.
  3. Enter the SBCO folder path and click on OK.
  4. If any error is thrown in step  2  or step  3, verify the correctness of  data  entered  in the respective fields. 
  5. Select the Sanchay Post Office Name and its respective V2SBCO office name.
  6. Click on Start Posting. 
  7. After  the  message  showing  completion  of  postings  is  displayed,  ensure  that  the  error report  is checked  by  clicking  on  ‘View  Error’  button.    The  error  report  will  list  the accounts for which interest is  not posted.    Take a print out of the error report  separately for each office for future reference.
  8. Steps 5,6 & 7 should be repeated for each office.
  9. Take a print out of Interest  (63) report  in V2SBCO  and compare with the report printed earlier, to check whether Sanchay Post interest entries are posted in V2SBCO database. 

Upgradation of V2SBCO data to next year

After completiong of posting interest entries from Sanchay Post for all the offices, V2SBCO data should be upgraded to next financial year. 

Sub Account Supplementary Error " Incorrect Syntax Near "

Issues in Sub account Supplementary and Solution

Backup Sub Account Related Databases before apply the below Solution

a. Runtime error appearing for Supplementary--Printing SO Reports-->Summary-General

b. Runtime error appearing for Supplementary--View So Details--Other Data/Closing Balance.

Snapshot of Sub Account Error Message

Incorrect Syntax Near 'Speedpo'
Incorrect Syntax Near 'IEMOP'
Incorrect Syntax Near '.' / Incorrect syntax Near '+'.
Incorrect Syntax Near 'ip

Solution for Incorrect Syntax Near ''

  1. CEPT Provides Solution for Incorrect Syntax Near '' in Sub Account 7.8 Supplementary .
  2. Download attached Sub account Exls from PoTools.
  3. Execute both exls using Script Tool.exe.



Note : This is only for Sub Account Supplementary Issues 

For Normal Sub Account Incorrect Syntax Issues Visit 

Sub Account Supplementary Error - Printing SO Reports

Sub Account Supplementary Printing Error

Take Backup of All Sub Account Related databases before apply this solution.


while printing the option Supplementary-->printing SO reports--> SO days figure, error occurs "Incorrect Syntax near the keyword "


SQL Version is 2005:
  • download the attached exl file and execute with script tool (Subaccounts2005.exl)

SQL Version is 2000:
  • download the attached exl files, execute with script tool(Subaccounts2000.exl, subaccounts25052010.exl, subaccounts31012011.exl)