Saturday, April 04, 2015

HTTUM menu and CTM menu Enabled

HTTUM and CTM Menu for Transaction in Finacle

HTTUM and CTM Menu has been Disable by Infy for Maintenance work. it has been enabled to do the transaction in Finacle. 
Now both HTTUM and CTM working Fine

Follow the below procedure if above menu are not working 

  • Logout from Finacle. 
  • Clear cookies and cache.
  • Press Ctrl + Shift + Delete to Delete all the Temporary files.
  • Go to Run %temp% then delete all the files inside the folder.
  • Login as System Administrator then Retry the HTTUM.

Sanchay Post View Mode v1.0 for CBS Migrated Offices

Tool for Sanchay Post View Mode v1.0

Features of Sanchay Post View Mode 1.0 

At Sub Offices (migrated to Finacle) 

  • Only reports, LOT and Passbook could be viewed in Online Module.

 At Head Offices (migrated to Finacle)

 Following functions can be peformed
a)    Perform Day Begin/Day End
b)    Marking migration status of sub office
c)    Part 2 Transactions
d)    Initialisation
e)    SO SB work
f)    Viewing Reports, LOT

Download Sanchay Post View Mode v1.0


Instruction Manual of Sanchay Post View Mode

Thanks to Silambarasan

New features in Postman in MM 7.9.2 - At a glance

1) As per the Directorate order No.10-32/2013-BD & MD dated 03.03.2014 and 18.06.2014, the disposal details for all the COD parcels which are delivered by non ePayment sub post offices have to be entered by the Head Post Office concerned.

2) Parcel COD article status report has been provided to know the status of the COD Parcel based on the events in the local database. This provision is available in Supervisor login-> Tools->Parcel COD Article status. The following are the status remarks available for this report. 

i. Data transmitted from this office. Ensure your office is active in ePayment. If not active,the data will not be taken into account. Then please re-register your office in ePayment website using the same machine which transmitted the data.

ii. Use latest ePayment exe (Version 7.9.2) and call the ePayment client

iii. The article was delivered in Postman module but submit account was not done for that date and hence data not transmitted.

iv. You have not taken the returns of the article, but done the day end through table. No solution can be provided. Performing day end through table is strictly prohibited and therefore, you should resort to such practice.

v. Electronic data not received from Server. Please use the Request resend option in Postman module to get the electronic data.

vi. The Article was Delivered in Postman module but BO Verification was not done and hence data not transmitted.

3) Transmission of Bag opening data (both for Registered and Parcel) to the Server immediately after opening of the bag in Postman module. Earlier this information used to be transmitted at the time of Day End in Postman module.

Interest Calculation Cannot be performed at S.O

Annual Interest Calculations can not be performed at S.O


While do interest calculation at S.O in Super at the time of open a new form it shows an error message as "Interest Calculation cannot be performed at SO" after loaded interest file from counter.


  • Press OK for Issue new form Message. 
  • Log out Super from Sanchay Post Online Transaction. 
  • Log in again by using Supervisor in Online Transaction. 
  • Select SB > Annual Interest Calculation > New form 
  • Now we can do interest posting without error at S.O

    SCSS TDS Deduction issue for march 2015 in Sanchay Post

    Problem : 

    TDS has been deducted for SCS accounts (which are marked in SI category) for the quarter March 2015 even though Form 15 H / 15 G was submitted.


    1. Make an error book entry.
    2. Login to SCS Data Entry module, Go to Transactions menu and provide account SCS account no.
    3. Amount (against 31-03-2015) may be corrected as per rulings.
    4. Login to SB Data Entry module, Go to Transactions menu and provide the SB account no. to which the SCS account is mapped with.
    5. Both amount & balance may be corrected. 

    Data Accuracy may be ensured at your end.