Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Configure Current Financial Year 2015-2016 in Sanchay Post

Financial Year Configuration in Sanchay Post

  • Login as Sanchay Post Supervisor
  • Go to Initialize Financial Year form No. 0410 .

  • Configure Financial Year for SB/PPF/NSS
Financial Year 01/04/2015 - 31/03/2016

  •  Click on SAVE.
Note : Financial Year Configuration is Required to Calculate CYI at the time of closure.


Generally PPF account can be closed after the completion of 15 Financial years from the date of opening of the account. 
We generally get the problem in DOP Finacle while closing the matured PPF account as mentioned below. 

Problem ?

When we try to verify the PPF account we get the general problem "E4818-The account closure can proceed only if the balance is zero" as shown in the below figure. 

When we get the above error we should not try to verify the closure option if we try then the system will throw the error mentioned in the above figure i.e., the system will suggests to visit the closure tab for more details. 

When we visit in the closure tab then the system will show the unposted transaction id i.e., system genearted transaction id as mentioned in the above figure "S5370431". 

Solution for the problem 

Note down the system generated transaction id then invoke the menu HTM in the counter PA login, select the function as "Modify" enter the transaction id and then finally click on Post. 

In the next step invoke the menu HCAAC in the supervisor login, select the function as "verify" and then finally clcik on submit.Hence the system will not throw any error. 

This problem is generally due to partial posting of the transaction for the PPF account.
Thanks to pofinacleguide.blogspot.in