Thursday, April 23, 2015

Procedure to Change Value date for Outward Cheques in DOP Finacle

  1. In outward zone, at the time of Release to Shadow balance we will enter the Value date ( date of clearance of cheques ) if by mistake we have entered the wrong date then we can change the value date by using the below mentioned procedure but before regularization of the Zone. 
  2. The value date can be changed using the menu HCVD. 
Note that Value date can be changed only before regularization of the outward zone. 

HCVD means Change Value date\Regularization Date 

This menu is a very useful menu to change the value date and the step by step procedure is as follows 
  • Invoke the menu HCVD then the system will show the screen as follows 

  • Then select the function as " Change " and then click on GO then the system will display the screen as shown in the below figure
  • Then enter the zone date from as -----------------------(zone date) and click on the searcher beside zone code as mentioned in the figure

  • Then the system will show the Zone date in the separate window then select the zone code as shown in the figure
  • Then click on the zone code which you are trying to modify the value date and then click on Go then the system will show the below screen

  • Then enter the following details
In Value date----Select change by as date and enter value date
In Regularization date---Select change by as date and enter value date as shown in the below figure

Then finally click on Submit then the system will change the value date for the selected outward zone