Monday, April 27, 2015

Error in Internet connection in Speed Net Communication

SpeedNet Communication Internet connection issues

Most of the time Speed Net communication Balloon tip window shows " Error In Internet Connection". So that SpeedNet Communication not able to communicate the central Server.


  1. Open Network Connection / Network and Sharing center.
  2. Click on Local Area Connection Properties. then go to DNS Settings.
  3. Enter following DNS to Ensure the Internet Connection with Speed Net Communication Menu.

Preferred DNS as
Alternate DNS as
Restart your Machine to restart the Network related services.

HDMS ticket raising has been modified for eMO

Ticket raising process modified in HDMS

Category of eMO Issues can be listed as shown below

Log in into HDMS Module.

with your  Login credentials.
  • While select the Module name of eMO in Add Ticket Option
  • It show the Guideline for registering eMO related problems.

R Net Communication issues with Transmit/ Receive Files

R Net Communication problem with transmitting and Receiving Files

Kindly Check whether R Net Communication software Updated properly upto version 7.9.2. If any upgradation issues then upgrade with proper order. Previously we are facing the issues with R Net Communication like http not registering with remote error. so that files was not transfer due to secure server validation. 
at the time we have added R Net host ip and Web address in hosts file to overcome httpsissues
 But the above issue had been fixed by CEPT in Remote Server itself. so that we have to remote the host IP addresses from host file to Communicate host server with out any issues.


This Solution is not only for R Net Communication it is also for eMO, ePayment.
  1. Go to Operating System installation Drive i.e C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\
  2. Open hosts file into a Notepad to edit the content.
  3. Remove the PTC related IP address then click on Save Button.
Now your Client Machine ready to communicate with CEPT server without issues.