Friday, May 01, 2015

CCleaner V5.05.5176 Download from Google Drive

CCleaner V5.05.5176.

Interest Rate Change Tool 2015 for SCS and SSA

Interest Rate Change Tool 2015

For SSA & SCS wef 01-04-2015

Steps to Update 

  1. Close/Exit all screens in Sanchay Post application in all systems.  Make sure that application is not running in any of the system.
  2. Double Click on ‘Upgrade_intrate_2015.exe’ file. Provide the server name and click on ‘Upgrade Interest Rates’

Note:The exe ‘Upgrade_intrate_2015.exe’ and sp.pbd should be placed in the same folder. This needs to be executed in server machine alone.
The User messages are displayed in the text area. Once the update is completed exit button will be enabled.
  • Click on Exit. The tool will be closed.
  • If the update is not successful, ‘Restore to previous version’ will be enabled.
  • While clicking on ‘Restore to Previous Version’, the tables will be restored to previous interest rates.