Thursday, May 07, 2015

SOSB Tool for SSA Ledger and Passbook View Revised 07.05.15

SSA Ledger and Passbook View Tool for SOSB

Issues Fixed

  • Invalid use of Null.
  • Total amount in SSA Lot has been fixed.
Download SOSB Tool from PoTools to View Ledger and Passbook of SSA Account at HO.
Use Configuration to configure Server Details.


Revised dated 07.05.2015

Passbook Print for SSA Account in Sanchay Post

SSA Passbook printing Software

  • Go to Programs > Sanchay Post 7.5 > Passbook printing for vista OS

Create Shortcut the same on desktop.

AD Migration Tool Reviesed 07.05.15 Developed by PoTools

AD Migration Tool Revised by PoTools

Issues in change SQL Server Name in MM Module has fixed


  1. Tool is Used to Change SQL Server Name in SQL 2000/2005/2008.
  2. Fix Login issues for eMO, Speed Net and Treasury Module.
  3. This Tool may fix Post Migration issues.
  • RPC Query Error
  • Speed Net Login Error
  • Speed Net article Fetching Issues in SQL 2008/2005
Note :This Tool is only for testing Purposes.
Sanchay Post Server Name Modification should be done manually.
Tool May be revised with your valuable feedback. thank you


Revised dated 07.05.2015

Not able to Open New Account in TD Data Entry Module

Problem with TD Data Entry v7.5 Patch 8.1

After Update Patch 5 or Patch 6 or Patch 8 or Patch 8.1
  • Not able to Open New Account.
  • Could not click on Amount field.

Solution : TD Data Entry

In Sanchay Post 7.5 after service pack 1 update we are unable to access TD Data entry.

  • Use Data Entry Module alone in Sanchay Post 7.5
Note: This is only for TD Data Entry


Parcel Net : COD Delivered Data Entered

Enter COD Delivered Data Updation in Parcel Net

The Option has been given to Division System Administrator by CEPT to enter the details of Payment of COD articles which is delivered but not updated in ePayment Site.

The below option is used to view the report of data entry made by Divisional System Administrator

Official Site to View the COD Delivery Data Entered

Sample Reports