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Post Info Official Android Application for India Post by CEPT

Official Android Application of India Post by CEPT


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Postinfo - screenshot Postinfo - screenshot

Postinfo - Department Posts Android Mobile Application

Postinfo, the citizen centric android Mobile application of Department of Posts developed by Centre for Excellence in Postal Technology .The app provides the following facilities; 
1) Tracking
2) Post office search
3) Postage Calculator
4) Insurance premium calculator
5) Interest calculator
Brief description of each facility is given below;


The tracking facility is made available on this mobile app for the following types of mail items.
• Speed Post • Registered Letter • Insured Letter
• Value Payable Letter • Insured Value Payable Letter • Registered Packets
• Registered Periodicals • Registered Parcel • Insured Parcel
• Value Payable Parcel • Insured Value Payable Parcel • Business Parcel
• Business Parcel COD • Express Parcel • Express Parcel COD
• Electronic Money Order (e-MO)
The users can view the status of the above mentioned type of articles by entering the articles number and touching the Track button. The following additional facilities are also available.
• Save the results for future reference 
• Share it with others through Android native sharing apps viz. Bluetooth, WhatsApp, Facebook etc.


By entering first four character of the name of the Post office or by entering the Pin code of the office the users can get a list of matching Post offices. By clicking again on the row the user gets the details like Name of Post office, Street address (location), contact details of the Post office (where ever available) for the selected Post office. The name of the Division and contact details of the Divisional Superintendent (where ever available), details of Regional Postmaster General and the Chief Postmaster General will also displayed. 


The app will calculate the Postage (tariff) to be paid for all types of articles based on the weight entered by the user. The unique feature of the Postage Calculator is that in single query it shows the tariff chargeable for the following items.. 
• Ordinary letter • Speed post Domestic *
• Registered letter • Ordinary Parcel
• Registered Parcel • Registered book packet
• Registered book packet containing Printed books • Ordinary Registered book packet 
• Ordinary book packet containing Printed books • Book packet containing periodicals
• Book packet containing Registered News papers
• *Domestic Speed Post Tariff depends on distance between place of origin and destination. 
• Based on tariff there are 5 slabs of tariff viz. local, up to 200 KM, 201 to 1000 KM, and 1001 to 2000KM and above 2000KM. The calculator shows the tariff for all categories)
The Department is offering various types of Life Insurance Policies through Postal Life Insurance and Rural Postal Life Insurance. The users can check the premium payable for all the eligible types of Postal /Rural Postal Life insurance Policies on the basis of the input entered.


Post office is offering different types of Small Savings Schemes as mentioned below:
• Sukanya Samriddhi yojaana • Recurring Deposit
• Time Deposit (1 year, 2 year, 3 year and 5 year) • Monthly Income Scheme
• Senior Citizen Savings Scheme • National Savings Certificate 
• Kisan Vikas Patra

The calculator shows the interest rate for each savings scheme. By entering the amount

Postman SQL Database Error and Solution

SQL Database error and Solution

Could not retrieve row from page by RID because the requested RID....


Execute below query one by one at once using Query Analyzer

Use database_name

Outward Clearing Procedure For Sub Offices in DOP Finacle

  • Outward clearing in Sub Offices is quite similar to Head Offices but little bit variation involved as mentioined below. 
  • The step by step procedure for lodging the outward cheques at Sub Offices is as follows 
  • Step by Step ProcedureLodging of Cheques in Counter PA login

Invoke the HOMSO then the system will display the screen as shown in the below figure 

Then select the function as "ADD" then the system auto fills the date as shown in the figure

Then click on Go then the system will display the screen as shown in the figure

Then enter the following details as mentioned below

Enter the account number ______________ 
Account number to be entered in this field should be as follows

For SB subsequent deposits enter the customer SB account number 
For remaining accounts subsequent deposits (RD/PPF/SSA) enter the account id as SOLID+0017 
For opening of New Account enter SOLID+0382 
2. Enter the amount _______________
3. Enter the Cheque number _______________
4. Enter the MICR code _____________________
5. Enter the Cheque date ____________________
6. Enter the Tran code as '10'

Then click on Submit then the system will display the messade Data Added Successfully.
Repeat this process for all the cheques.

Verification of Cheques in Supervisor Login

Invoke the menu HOMSO then the system will display the screen as shown in the below 

Then select the funciton code as "Verify" and enter the date as current date as shown in the figure

Then clcik on Go then the system will display the list of cheques entered by the counter PA then click on Submit.Then the sysetm will display the message Data Verified Successfully.

Generation of Report at Sub Offices

Invoke the menu HOMSOEX in counter PA login then the system will display the screen as shown in the below 

Then enter the following
Enter the SOLID ________
date of lodging _____________
select the File/Report type as "Rport" as shown in the below figure

Then clcik on Submit then the system will display the message "File Generated successfully" as shown

Viewing the Report 

Invoke the menu HPR(Print Report) then the system will shown the sreen as shown 

Then click on GO then the system will display the list of reports geenrated in the background from the list of reports select the report CHQLODGED.RPT as shown in the figure

Then click on View details as marked in the below screen click on the explode button as shown
Then the system will display the following screen as shown in the below figure

Send the file path as marked in the above screen so that we can genearate the txt file by below procedure

Invoke the menu HTRFTOPC for text file generation then the system will display the screen as shown in the below figure 
Then the system will ask two parameteres i.e., souce file and destionation directory

Enter the souce file as " /finreports/CDCI_LOGS/RAMADEVI1996/CL13.rpt " (in our example)
Enter the destination directory _________________ (Ex;-D:/ or C:/) as shown in the below figure

In our example we gave destination directory as 'D' drive then the text file will created in that 'D' drive by file name CL13.rpt (For example)

  1. Send the cheques along with the hard copy to HO(Head Office)
  2. Text file created in the system can be shared by email to the concerned HO.

Conflicker worm removal tool - Google drive Download

The Conflicker worm is a computer worm that can infect your computer and spread itself to other computers using network connection or USB devices. The worm spreads itself without any human interaction and is considered highly dangerous.

For more information visit the Microsoft page for conflicker:

Conflicker exists in many forms. The following forms have been identified to date:

Win32/Conficker.D was detected in March 2009.

Removing the tool is fairly straight forward. Download the malicious software removal tool:

Bit Defender Virus Removal Tool


Computer Browser Services stops automatically

In Windows 2003 server have problem in windows services. It stops all services automatically then we have to restart manually.

For the meantime we have temporary solutions by setting the Recovery to "Restart the Service". By doing this: 

1. Go to Administrative Tools - Services 
2. Right Click "Computer Browser" then Properties 
3. Click on the Recovery tab, set the following: 
First Failure = Restart the the Service
Second Failure = Restart the the Service
Subsequent Failures = Restart the the Service
Reset Fail count After = 0
Restart Service after = 0 
4. Click Ok 

Note : Repeat from procedure number 2 to the Services stopped.

Possible Solution

Network Driver Issues 

see errors like this happening when there is some driver problem with the NIC. 

Go to Start/Run, and type DEVMGMT.MSC , highlight the network card device, Action menu, "Uninstall", then restart Windows, to find the device drivers again automatically.

Virus issues Official Fix

 Services May Stopped due to Conflicker virus.

Virus or unwanted program 'WORM/Conficker.AC [worm]' 
detected in file 'C:\WINDOWS\system32\lwuhrjo.dll. 
Action performed: Delete file. 

Virus or unwanted program 'WORM/Conficker.AC [worm]' 
detected in file 'C:\Users\NetworkService\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\K5I3GXYJ\eeake[1].jpg. 
Action performed: Delete file

BO Tag Final Version 3.1 Revised for Sanchay Post

BO Tagging v3.0

BO Tag v3.0 Contains

  • Individual Tagging
  • Bulk Tagging 
of SB,RD,TD schemes.

Improved Features

RD, SB, TD LOT view has been fixed in Sanchay Post after BO tagging