Tuesday, May 19, 2015

VP Intimation v5.3 Revised (PoT Intimation) dated 19.05.2015

VP Intimation Tool v5.3 : Google drive

Added Features:

  • Postman Mobile Number included in Intimation slip.
  • Article Number added in Top of the in RP55 format
  • Font type and Size has been changed.
  • Some Major issues has been fixed.



Sanchaypost Interest posting steps in Problematic offices

In few offices while Interest posting is attempted, DataWindow error appears during Importing of Interest file from ho. The following procedure may solve the error.

Download the files using the following link and follow the instructions below:


1. Run the latest upgrade SO forms.exe 
2. Run Intseq2015.exe
3. Run fix for file import-validation error msp setup
4. Uninstall Sanchaypost 7.5
5. Install Sanchaypost 7.0 setup
6. Import the SOs file from respective HO in 

Sanchaypost Counter --> Day begin/Dayend --> Import files from HO option
7. Save --> Send
8. Login as Supervisor

SB--> Annual Interest Calculation --> Calculate Interest --> Select Annual Interest Posting option --> Give the Financial Year 2014 and press Enter
9. Give the SB Account Number range in FROM and TO text boxes
(Refer Supervisor --> Initialization --> SB A/c No, AT no, Nominee form)
10. Press OK and the Interest starts posting.
11. Check with DB Analyzer for SB accounts without interest entry count.
12. Uninstall Sanchaypost 7.0
13. Install Sanchaypost 7.5 in the order given in the screenshot with the setup available in SDC chennai website.
14. Copy and Replace the postrd1.pbd file inside the SP5/OT folder (Sanchay post installation folder)

Sanchay Post Installation Order

Thanks to Saravanan R DSM & SPOC Pollachi Division