Monday, May 25, 2015

Point of Sale Franchised Outlet Software Download

New Features:

  • The new Speed Post Tariff which is effective from 1 st October 2012 is   incorporated. 
  • The amount of Service tax and education cess will be rounded off as a single component to the nearest rupee for Inland and Foreign Speed Post Transactions.
  • Incorporated the new Postage Rate for International Parcels(Air and SAL)Provision for booking Express Parcel Post – Retail. 

Download Full setup:





Procedure to handle Finacle slowness

First report the issue to , get the ticket number and wait for the solution. 
If there is no solution in time, please follow the following. 
(i) If transactions are not posted and accounts are not verified
(a) Delete the transactions in HTM
(b) Cancel the accounts in Account opening menu.
(c) In case of NSC/KVP, if user does not know registration number , search the same by providing CIF. Even then unable to find , then use HOAACVTD by providing account number in Temporary account number field and visit all the tabs. 

(ii) If transactions are posted or partly posted WITHOUT CHECKING WITH VOUCHER and accounts are not verified
(a) If partly posted, user can not be deleted and transaction should be posted

(b) If partly posted, because of insufficient fund, fund the source account by making an error entry and by taking approval from head of the office and post the transaction. (After doing exceptional closing , closure proceedings may be transferred to the account from which amount was transferred). This should be done only by getting approval. 

(c) Verify the account in Account opening verification menu.

(d) In case of NSC/KVP, if user does not know registration number , search the same by providing CIF. Even then unable to find , then use HOAACVTD and visit all the tabs before verification. Otherwise it will not allow the user to verify

(e) After verification of account opening, account can be exceptionally closed in regular account closure menu and closure amount may be transferred to the office account / source account from which amount was transferred 

(iii) If agent commission is posted in excess.
Agent commission transaction contains 3 records (1) Debiting from Agent commission office account (2) Crediting in TDS office account (3) Crediting in Agent SB account.

After completion of entire work, (1) contact CEPT though email by providing transaction IDs to know which are the office accounts involved and intimate over phone (2) CEPT will make necessary changes in Agent commission office account and TDS office accounts and inform (3) Then User will transfer excess amount by debiting Agent’s SB account & TDS account and credit into Agent’s commission account. While doing this no other user should be logged in other than user who will do the contra transaction. (4) This should be done within 10-15 minutes and intimate to CEPT through email and over phone. (5) CEPT will revert back the changes and inform (6) After getting confirmation from CEPT, User can start EOD. 

Agent commission reversal entry may be done on any working day, if it is not feasible to do on the same day. 

Please note that this is only work around , it should not be regular practice. If user gets " Could not get responce from Server", user should check HFTI / HAFI to know whether transaction/ account is created or not. Without checking, user should not do other transaction .

Brief procedure of outward clearing at Sub office and Head office in DOP Finacle

Outward clearing procedure involves at Sub office and Head office level. 


  1. The following steps are involved in the SOs they are menioned below 
  2. Entering the insturments by using the menu option HOMSO in counter PA login. 
  3. Verification of the instruments which are lodged by counter PA using the menu HOMSO in supervisor login. 
  4. Generation of text file using the menu HOMSOEX (by clicking on report radio button) 


  1. The following steps are involved in HOS for handling both SOs cheques and HO cheques as mentioned below. 
  2. Open the Outward zone using the menu HMCLZOH 
  3. Generation of text file foe each SO by using the menu HOMSOEX (by selecting on file radio button) 
  4. Invoke the menu HPR to select the generated file, click on the icon and view the file path. 
  5. Download the files at HO by using the menu HTRFTOPC i.e., enter the file path and destination path where we want to save in our PC(computer). 
  6. Upload the instruments of all the Sub Offices by using the menu HCLUPLD 
  7. Entering the cheques received by HO in the same uploaded zone by using the menu HOCTM 
  8. Suspending the Zone 
  9. Release to Shadow balance 
  10. Regularization of Zone.

Update office details : Finacle Passabook printing

Finacle Passbook Printing : Update Office Details

Menu to Update Address details of Passbook
  1. Check the city code linked to the address of the Post office or the customer address. 
  2. Then validate the city code description in the menu HRRCDM. 
  3. Either the HRRCDM city code in the customer's address / Post office address has to be changed in the address details or the description of the particular code has to be changed in HRRCDM menu.
  4. HRRCDM access is given to DOP Operations team to maintain the details.

Passbook not enabled at the account level 


  1. The passbook is not enabled at the account level. The same has to be modified at the account level for passbook printing. 
  2. For PPF account, the menu HACM has to be used for modification of the field A/C statement in the General Details tab. 
  3. For SCSCC accounts, the menus CSCAM/SCSSMAV to be used 
  4. For MIS accounts, the menus CMISAM/MISAMAV to be used