Saturday, June 13, 2015

MIS Maturity Year Not available error in Sanchay Post

MIS Maturity Issues and Solution

  1. Download Upgrade DataBase SP2 using below link.
  2. Execute add_column.exe from downloaded software


Common Issues and Solution in Post Office SoftwareIssue & Solution

MM and Sanchay Post Issues and Solution

Root element is missing

Root elements Missing error solution for all Communications(Just download the file and overwrite in C:\Programme File\"Client Folder") 

MM Common Issues and Solution

Solution for Postman Day End Issue when COD article Dispatch or Delivered at BO. 
 (I) If Dispatch 
 (II) If Delivered

Sanchay Post

Minor Flag Issue Solution (With NSC IX Solution) 

SO_to_HO file generation Issues Solution. Download