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Procedure for entering tax form for SCSS account in DOP Finacle

  1. As per the DOP norms if the total interest amount on the SCSS principle exceeds Rs 10000/- then an amount of 10% TDS will be deducted.
  2. If the TDS amount is deducted for a particular SCSS account then the same can be inquired using the menu HTDTRAN.
  3. The total interest amount and TDS amount will be shown as in below figure by invoking the HTDTRAN menu as follows

If the customer submitted tax form(15G/15H) then we have to enter the same in account level and CIF level as mentioned below.

At CIF level

Invoke the menu CMRC then select the function as "Modify" and enter the CIF id of the customer as shown

  • Then click on Go in the next screen select the field tax deducted at source and fill the same with "NOTAX" from the searcher if the customer presents the tax form.
  • Then click on submit and verify the same CIF Id in the supervisor menu.

At Account Level:-

Invoke the menu CSCAM then select the function as "modify" and enter the account number as shown below
  • Then click on Go system will open a new application in the next screen enter the following
Enter the column Tax form as "15G/15H"
Select the field Tax category as "N-No Tax" as shown
Then click on Submit and verify the same in the supervisor login

Note:-If any account modification is pending for TDA accounts(SCSS/TD and MIS account) then the system will not generate interest on the due date which can be inquired by using the menu HAFI or Scheduled reports available for System Admin,So immediately verify the account modification done for TDA accounts for smooth functioning.
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Solution for Person Disabled in Sanchay Post

Person Disabled in Sanchay Post Solution

  • The attached Tool is used to enable the Sanchay Post User which is disabled by User


Thanks to Viral Gajjar, Sys Admin, Nadiad H.O

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