Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hot Fix for Generic Host Virus for Windows XP/ Server 2003

Hot Fix for Windows Server 2003 / XP Generic Host error

The Generic host virus Spreading in Post offices through Sify Network and block the Network connectivity between Server and client Machine. Download the below attached hot fix for the Operating System and Update the same to fix Generic host issues

Download Hotfix for Windows 2003 Server

Download Hotfix for Windows XP

Box download Link: Sify network not supported

Account Transfer Between Two SOLs in DOP Finacle


  1. Customer will visit the home branch and submit the request for A/c transfer of his account from his branch to another CBS branch.
  2. CPA will validate the account details and then invoke HACXFSOL (Transfer Menu between CBS Sol’) menu and choose option “T-Transfer” and click Go button.

The screen appears like as

  • CPA will then fill in the following details such as account number, Target sol id (To Sol (CBS Branch) where the account is going to be transferred) and press the submit button.
The screen appears like as

  • System will do all basic validation on the account during this process such as Pending transaction on the account not authorized includes teller transaction, clearing transaction, standing instruction, account related transaction etc. This error message will be shown on the report.
  • CPA can invoke HPR menu and see all the details and authorize all the transaction which are pending for the account. Once all pending transaction are verified, Maker will again reinitiate the process of transfer by invoking the menu HACXFSOL.
  • A transfer request number will be generated on submitting the request. CPA user will see HPR report and check there are no pending transaction for the account. If the report has no pending transaction for the account. CPA can submit to Supervisor for authorization.
  • Supervisor can check all details such as account number, from branch, to branch and verify the transfer request through the menu HACXFSOL menu (V-Verify option).
  • On press of verify button, the account get transferred from the CBS home branch to CBS branch as requested by customer.
  • Customer can visit the new CBS branch where he has requested for the account and collect the passbook and operate the account.
  • Account number remains the same, as the transfer happens between the CBS branches. 
  • There will not be any interest application during account transfer.
  • It was discussed that account can be transferred by the SOL also where the customer wants transfer. That process also needs to be shown here.

TTUM Updated July 2015 of DOP Finacle

HTTUM command is used for posting of Pension, Salary and Nrega wage deposit. It is very useful command for deposit the bulk transaction with one step. TTUM.exe is used for converting excel file to txt. file which is acceptable by Finacle. TTUM.exe is modified with update July 2015. Now debit function also is added in this exe.The process is embed below.

SSC CHSL Exam 2015 Last Date 22/07/2015 up to 17:00

Postal Assistant Exam 2015

Now Postal Assistant/Sorting Assistant Exam 2015 is conduct by SSC . The SSC has been published advertisement on official website 

There are three different posts in SSC CHSL Exam 2015. The detail of posts is given below-
Start Date - 13/06/2015 Close Date - 22/07/2015

No. of vacancy - 3523
Pay - 5200-20200 + 2400 GP

No. Of vacancy - 1006
Pay - 5200-20200 + 2400 GP

No. Of Vacancy - 2049
Pay - 5200-20200 + 1900 GP

There are two mode of application online & offline. The form will start from 13/06/2015 and will end on 22/07/2015 5.00 PM. The online application may be filled on from 13/06/2015

The offline form is available with advertisement but due to discontinue of CRF Stamp it is difficult of fill the offline form.

Download the full advertisement from download link.

Revenue receipts for Department of Posts up 25% to Rs 11,733 crore in 2014-15

Revenue receipts of the Department of Posts increased to Rs 11,733.13 crore in 2014-15, up 25 per cent from the end of March 2013, Parliament was informed today. 

The receipts stood at Rs 9,366.50 crore in the financial year 2012-13. 

"Owing to the Department's consistent focus on quality improvement and increasing use of technology, the revenue receipts have steadily grown from Rs 9,366.50 crore in 2012-13 to Rs 11,733.13 crore in 2014-15," Minister of Communications and Information TechnologyRavi Shankar Prasad said in a written reply to the Lok Sabha. 

Speed post, which is the flagship express mail product of the department, has also shown increase in revenue from Rs 1,261.50 crore to Rs 1,473.39 crore in the same period, he added. 

DoP handles more than 600 crore mail prices every year. 

"Parcel revenue has increased 37 per cent from 2013-14 to 2014-15, owing to the infrastructure improvement for parcel handling and delivery as well as focus on quality of service delivery," he added. 

In response to a separate query, Prasad said so far, 2,940 post offices have been modernised under Project Arrow. 

"The Department has put in place a Programme Management Governance Structure, which plays a key role in monitoring the IT Modernisation project approved by the government," he said. 

Prasad said the governance structure is four-tiered with an apex inter-ministerial steering committee to review, monitor and guide the progress of the project.

Source:-The Economic Times



  1. All SP patches related to SSA from SDC website should have been updated. Any issue in updation to be taken up with SDC for solution
  2. Only Post and Sign db to be restored. Other scheme data need not be deleted. The tool can be run with all schemes. The SSA stand alone tool will extract only SSA accounts. No major change in the migration process.

Tool to be used:

  2. SSA Standalone tool v2.0

Path for downloading the tool:


Procedure to upload SSA data

1. Restore the Post and Sign DB.
2. Run the premigration tool and DBanalyser Tool. No Dbanalyser clearance is required.
3. Run the DPT 6.6. Clear all the discrepencies.
4. Do the day end. The day end and system date should be same.
5. Run the SSA Stand alone Tool v2.0. The tool should not be run from Desktop or C drive
6. On completion of the tool, run the CBS keys PO version.
7. Share the SP Tool and DM Tool path, DMCC file with PDFs to DMCC under the Subject name - SSA Migration – PONAME - SOLID
8. The T Report sent by DMCC should be signed by Postmaster and the same should be scanned and sent to DMCC by email. Electronic T Recon sign off will not be considered

Solution for errors noticed in SSA Migration

1. Post mandatory tables missing: SSA_fee

Reason - It is seen that a column name ‘arrears’ is missing in the SSA_Fee table. It can be viewed in the Postextraction_exception file available in the ‘DM Utility/SP Tool_All/Post_Extract’ or the ‘DM Utility/SP Tool_All/Output file’. 
Solution – Take up with SDC
2. Older version of SP Tool used:
Reason - The system date and day end date is not same
Solution – Ensure both dates are equal
3. Failed to connect to database:
Reason - This issue occurs in DPT stage itself. Have to check the DPT logs available in the 
‘SPtool_All/Dataprofiling tool’
Solution – SSA patches not updated properly