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Revised classification of cities for granting TA w.e.f 01.01.2015 Regarding

Finance Ministry issued orders regarding the revised rates of Transport Allowance to Central Government employees as per Census 2011 with effect from 1.4.2015. The re-classification of cities/towns are specified in the list attached as Annexure.

G.I., Min. of Finance, Dep. of Exp. O.M.No.21(2)/2015-E.II(B), dated 6.8.2015
Subject:- Grant of Transport Allowance to Central Government employees

Reference is invited to Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure O.M. No.21(2)/2008-E.II(B) dated 29th August 2008 regarding grant of Transport Allowance to Central Government employees, consequent upon implementation of the recommendations of the Sixth Central Pay Commission (6th CPC).

2. The Government has since considered the re-classification of cities/towns/localities as per Census-2011 (population criteria) for the purpose of Transport Allowance. Accordingly, the President is pleased to decide the revised classification of cities, towns and localities, for the purpose of grant of Transport Allowance at higher rates to Central Government employees, as per Annexure-1.
Therefore, the table below Para ‘1’ of O.M. dated 29.08.2008 stands partially modified as under :-
The revised classification of cities/towns/localities for the purpose of grant of Transport Allowance shall take effect from 1st April, 2015.

4. The orders will apply to all civilian employees of the Central Government. The orders will also be applicable to the civilian employees paid from the Defence Services Estimates. In respect of Armed Forces personnel and Railway employees, separate orders will be issued by the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Railways, respectively.

5. All other conditions mentioned in Department of Expenditure O.M. No.21(2)/2008-E.II(B) dated 29.08.2008 shall remained unchanged.
6. In so far as the persons working in the Indian Audit and Accounts Department are concerned, this Order issues in consultation with the Comptroller and Auditor General of India.


To view Department of Expenditure OM No.21(2)/2015-E-II-B dated 06/08/2015 please Click Here.

Soon, post offices in Chennai will collect property tax

CHENNAI, August 6, 2015
An initiative from the Department of Posts will soon make it easy for the residents of Chennai to pay their property taxes.

The department is in the process of tying up with Chennai Corporation to collect property tax. This is expected to make property tax payment convenient for a huge section of city residents who do not have access to online mode of payments and who live far away from Corporation offices.

Officials of the department said technical issues for accepting payment of bills are being worked out currently. While it helps people avoid long queues at the civic body offices, the department also manages to earn a considerable amount of money, officials said. For instance, the Chennai region earned over Rs. 80 lakh as commission on receipts of power supply and telephone bills from residents last year. The Postal Department also plans to install drop-box facilities in post offices.

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