Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Installation of Oracle and Execution of DM Utility

Installation of Oracle and Execution of DM Tool Issues and Solution

Never Install Oracle Manually. Install Using Bat File as per instruction given by DMCC then execute. Each and every installation / Un-installation / Restart Services are required System Restart.

Print Point of Sale Receipt in Dot matrix printer via USB

Meghdoot Millennium Print Via USB 

  • To enable USB Printing for Meghdoot Applications. follow the below steps

  1. Install DMP Printer with USB Port.
  2. Right Click on Required Printer then select Port Tab
  3. Click on Enable printer pooling, then click yes for prompt window.
  4. Select LPT1 and click on Apply/OK.
  5. Your printer is configured with usb port.
  6. Then Just Share the Printer(This is very important. USB printing from Meghdoot softwares supports only if the printer is shared).
  7. After sharing Just logout form Meghdoot Modules then relogin and print the reports.

Print Meghdoot Reports/Receipts via USB Port

  • Share the Printer name( in the Printer attached System)
  • Open Notepad Copy and paste Below Command, save as USBPrint.bat
Add the ( USBPrint.bat )Batch file into Windows startup menu in the All PC including Printer attached system
USB Printer does not support Point of sale Submit Account . Default port configured as LPT in POS software itself.

Taking India to e-Commerce Revolution in India Post

India Post has played a leading role in eCommerce revolution in India. Today almost all the major eCommerce companies have tied up with India Post.