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DOP Finacle FAQ : Internet Banking in India Post

FAQ about Internet Banking in India Post

1. What is Internet banking?

     Internet banking is the easy and most convenient way to transact- anytime, anyplace, at your convenience. Department of Posts offers Internet Banking services to the customers as a part of Core-banking solution.

2. I don't have a computer. Can I use DoP internet banking services?

     You can access DoP internet banking portal from any computer that has internet connectivity. Please make sure that the computer is Malware free. Avoid using internet banking portal at Cyber CafĂ©.

3. What are the procedures to access DoP internet banking?

     First of all you need to have an account at a Post office. You also need to register for the Internet banking service with the Post office. The PO branch will collect your application request for DoP internet banking and will be processed in 10 working days. You may need to visit your Post office for collecting your login credentials. During the first login, you need to go through a simple initialization process.

4. I do not have an account with Post office. What should I do?

     You are welcome to open it now. It is very easy to open an account in Post office. Please visit any nearest Post office which is migrated into CBS network and open the account. Avail our facilities once you open an account.

5. I want to register for Internet Banking. What do I do?

     Visit the Post office where you have opened the account. Our officials will guide you with the formalities.

6. Why are the user name and password so cryptic?

     The user name and password are system generated. We have no control over this process. During your first visit to DoP Internet Banking Portal, you must mandatorily change your user name and password.

7. Can I change the user name and password that were assigned to me?

     Yes. It is mandatory for you to change the system generated user name and password when you first logon to DoP Internet Banking Portal. Later at any point of time, you can change your password but not the user name. If needed, user name can be changed but only once.

8. Can I change my password?

     Passwords can be changed any time and any number of times. In fact we recommend that your password should be changed periodically to secure access to your account information.

9. What are the good practices for creating a password?

You are requested to select a word that is not available in an English Dictionary.
  • Do not assign your name, your family or vehicle number as your password as it can be easily guessed.
  • Change your password frequently.
  • Please commit your password to memory. Do not write it down or paste it somewhere.
  • Do not divulge your password to anybody even if they claim to be from Post office

10. What happens if I forget my logon password?

     Click on the 'Forgot password' link in the site and provide the requested information. A new password will be sent to your registered email address.

11. What happens if I forget my Internet banking username?

     If you forget the Internet banking user name, contact your Post office branch and re-register yourself.

12. I am unable to login with the user name and password assigned to me. What should I do?

     The user name and password are cryptic in nature because they are system generated and are case sensitive. When you are typing the user name and password for the first time, ensure that you type the characters as they appear in the document sent to you. If you still encounter problems, log a complaint in the "Complaints" link in the login page or contact your Post office branch immediately.

13. I want to know more about Post office and its services.

     We are glad about the interest you have evinced. Please log in for more details or contact the nearest Post office branch.
Please contact your Post office branch for further queries on Internet Banking services offered by Department of Posts.

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Android App for CBS Finacle Menu of DOP

Android Application for Finacle Menu

CBS Android Application is useful for Android mobile user. They can easily access the Finacle Menu from his/her Mobile Device. It Contains three tabs like Command, Group and Favorites.

Download apk file from below link and install your android mobile.

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Accounts MIS Transmission Error and Solution

Solution for Accounts MIS Error 

Error Messages
Unable to continue due to the following error:
Accounts MIS AccountsMISCommn-sendData1A: Error in Transmitting files in filestxd.
Please check Log file to see whether there are any other specific errors.


  • Go to Account MIS Installation Folder. 
  • Search and delete the file trxcheck.log from your data folder / Accounts MIS Folder.
Execute Once again for the same date to transmit files to Central Server.

MAC Binding Issues in Sify Network & Solution

The Sify Network was implemented almost in all the Post Offices. In other words Network Migration of DOP has been Completed in most of the sites. But we are facing the issues with Sify Network and it gets affecting day today work. The Common Problems are arising in Sify Network as follows

  • NSP1 / NSP2 / Both Network Down
  • MAC Binding Issue.
  • URL of Particular allowed Sites could not accessible.
  • Hardware failure.
The NSP1 and NSP2 Connectivity of Sify Network is most common problem. But the Mac Binding issues are occurring in rare case.

MAC Binding Issues:

MAC Binding in Post Office : The Sify router enabled Port was migrated with MAC Address(Physical) connected PC of Particular Site. Other than Migrated PCs are could not connect with Sify router.

The Network status of LAN Network is Connected but the DOP Softwares and Websites are could not accessible due to MAC Binding Issues.


This issue have to be taken up with Sify Network for Rebinding of MAC address of Problematic System. Before taking up with Sify the following fields are required.
1. Port Number of Sify Router which is connected with PC.
2. MAC Address of PC.
3. IP Address of PC.
4. WEG Code of the post office.
WEG Code and Port Numbers can find Manually.

How to find MAC and IP Address of particular PC?

  • Go to Start / Run (Windows Key + R)
  • Type CMD and then Press Enter to Open Command Prompt.
  • To get MAC address of PC type below command and press Enter Button
  • Note down the MAC address then Enter IPCONFIG /ALL to know your IP address of the Machine. 
with the above details, issues taken up with Sify.

Applications are invited for the post of Instructor in PTC

1.Applications are invited from willing and eligible officials to work in PTC, Darbhanga as Instructor.
PTC Darbhanga caters to the training needs of Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa and W.B. Circles and Instructor comes on deputation from these feeder Circles. . All are requested to invite and forward applications from willing and eligible/suitable officials in attached proformaduly recommended by unit /Divisional heads/controlling officers.

2. Eligibility:
(i) IPO/IRM or
(ii) Postal Asst. / Sorting Asst. with minimum 8 years of service.
3. In Department of Posts, technology has been inducted on a large scale. Now training is imparted on computers and gradually everything will be done on computers. Instructors are required to take classes on computer. Therefore computer-knowing candidates are required.

4. Working in PTC gives an opportunity to learn more, better exposure and more interaction with the employees of the Department. The resource of PTC helps the individual in development of his career and personality. Environment inside the PTC is very cordial. The campus is full of natural resource and greenery. Selected candidate will be allotted staff quarters inside PTC campus.

5. Darbhanga is well connected to all the important places by train and road. There are two universities apart from medical, engineering, dental, polytechnic and other colleges/ technical institutions. For small children also, mission schools, other private English medium schools, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Navodaya Vidyalaya and govt. schools are available.

View Complete Order Copy / Proforma

Color Code of CAT - 6 Cable (LAN Cable)

Color Code for LAN Cable

How to correctly assemble a CAT-6 cable to RJ45 connectors for regular network cables as well as crossover cables.

The CAT-6  is a standard cable which has four twisted pairs of colours. It is easy to crimp a RJ45 connector to CAT-5 cable and make it into a straight cable or cross the cable as required. To make a straight cable, the ends must be crimped in the same way at each end. When making a crossover cable, some wires of certain colours have to be reversed. 

CAT-6 cable is usually divided into 4 twisted pairs of colors:

  1. Orange / orange-white
  2. Green / green-white
  3. Blue / white and blue
  4. Brown / brown-white

Straight Cable Colour Code

To make a straight cable, the tips must be crimped typically the same way ateach end by respecting the twisted pair size.
The color code used is:
  1. Orange-white
  2. Orange
  3. Green-white
  4. Blue
  5. Blue-white
  6. Green
  7. Brown-white
  8. Brown

Road Mileage Allowances to System Administrator of India Post

FILE NO. 17-01/ 2011-PAP



THE: 23rd JUNE, 2011.

All Heads of Circles
All Heads of Circle Postal Accounts Offices
All Heads of Postal Staff College of India & PTCs

Sub: Admissibility of various kinds of Travelling Allowances in the case of System Administrators, Marketing Executives, PRI(P)s etc.-reg: -

Sir/ Madam,
This is regarding 
(i) application of Road Mileage Allowance to Systems Administrators, 
(ii) grant of fixed Conveyance Allowance to Marketing Executives; and 
(iii) bring the PRI(P)s under TA Rules for the journeys beyond 16 KMs.

2.0 It is reiterated that the Supplementary Rules and the Government Orders thereunder, pertaining to the grant of fixed conveyance allowance, payment of Road mileage and payment of Travelling Allowance to various categories of staff, “including System Administrators, Marketing Executives and PRI(P)s, working in this Department”, for their travels within and beyond 16 KMs, are not only clear and distinct but also their implementation is well within the powers of the Heads of Departments (Heads of Circles in case of Postal Circles).
2.1 It is therefore, requested that the possibilities of payment of Road Mileage Allowance to System Administrators, payment of fixed conveyance allowance to the Marketting Executives may be examined under appropriate rules (ie. SRs 22 to 25, 45 or 46 as the case may be) and Government orders thereunder and decided at Circle level itself. Normal TA/ DA for the journeys beyond 16 KMs from their normal place/ headquarters of duty, may be granted to the PRI(P)s, System Administrators and Marketting Executives, as per the existing provisions available under the Fundamental Rules & Supplementary Rules(Part-II : TA Rules) and Government’s orders thereunder.

2.2 In case the Marketting Executives and System Administrators are also required to travel extensively within 16 KMs, as in the case of PRI(P)s, their cases may also be examined by maintanance of log books for three months with reference to the “GIO(1) below SR-25 prescribing the slabs of distances and corresponding monthly rates of conveyance allowance” and decided swiftly in order to allow the justified allowances to the employees concerned without delay.

3.0 The issue of payment of “fixed conveyance allowance” to the postal assistants assigned the duties of going to Clearing Houses, etc., in connection with clearence of cheques, has also been raised. It is clarified that no such fixed conveyance allowance, like PRI(P)s could be considered for such Postal Assistants as their job cannot be equated with the former. It is therefore, made clear that such officials may be reimbursed actual expenses incurred by them for such visits accoring to their entitlements or prescribed per Kilo Meter rate of road mileage may be granted in case of their journeys carried out through their own scooters/ motorcycles as the case may be, with reference to the applicable rules and instructions.


Tutorial for NREGA Finacle Payment Tool

Video tutorial for NREGA Finacle Payment Tool

When Post offices are migrating to Finacle Platform, to switch over the Nrega payment from present EMFS flow to Financle payment will take some time. To handle the transition period this tool will work as a bridge between present EMFS flow and Finacle software to avoid unnecessary delay in payment to the beneficiaries.

FMenu - Dated 19.08.2015 by SRFix

Developed by Shivaram


Complete Application (With installer)

Download Manager


India Post says open to partnerships for payments bank

India Post can take advantage of the digital platform provided by telecom players. Photo: Madhu Kapparath/Mint

Mumbai: Having secured Reserve Bank of India’s nod to set up a payments bank, the Department of Posts has said it is open for partnership in this new venture and is in talks with some telecom companies.

“We are very excited about it. We have our own strength in terms of ubiquity which we will be leveraging. We are going to induce digital technology. We are looking for partnership where it will be a win-win situation for all,” M S Ramanujan, Member Banking, Postal Services Board told PTI.

The Reserve Bank on Wednesday gave in-principal approval to 11 entities, including Reliance Industries, Aditya Birla Nuvo, Vodafone, Airtel and Department of Posts, to set up Payments Banks.

Other applicants which received approval for Payment Banks are Cholamandalam Distribution Services, Tech Mahindra, National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL), Fino PayTech, Sun Pharma’s Dilip Shantilal Shanghvi and PayTM’s Vijay Shekhar Sharma. Ramanujan said India Post is in talks with other telecom companies which has received approval to set up Payment Banks.

“We are in talks with telecom companies which have already received in-principle approval today (for payment bank),” he said. “Payments bank is not to be viewed as adversarial competition but as a collaborative competition,” he added.

With 155,015 post offices across the country, of which 139,144 are in rural areas, India Post offers its partner a wider reach. India Post can take advantage of the digital platform provided by telecom players. Another applicant, Cholamandalam Distribution Services which also received in principle approval said it is also open for partnership.

“We are exploring partnership but before that we would like to know RBI’s view about the idea,” Vellayan Subbiah, Managing Director, Cholamandalam Investment and Finance said.

Source: PTI