Thursday, August 27, 2015

Download CCS Rules

1.CCS (Conduct) Rules

2.CCS (CCA) Rules

3.CCS (Leave) Rules

4.Fundamental & Supplementary Rules

5.Pension Rules

6.New Pension Scheme

7.Provident Fund Rules

8.Medical Attendance Rules 

Sify Help Desk of India Post

Sify Help Desk Details in India Post

Contact information of Sify is available below:
DOP Employees can register complaint using above mail ID or toll free number. we can Register Using below URL  with concerned Post Office credentials.

Complaint Registration Process

ePayment Active X Component error in Point of Sale 7.9.2

Point of Sale Error : Active X component

While install / Update the MM Point of sale we may facing the issues like Run-time error '429':
ActiveX Component can't create object.


  1. The above issues due to non comparability between ebillholib.dll and Point of sale executable file.
  2. Both files should be copied from the same folder and replace the same in Program Files.
  3. All the dll should be registered once again then open Point of Sale to do the ePayment transactions.

Tracking of booking data is enabled for SPCOD

Tracking of SPCOD Booking Message 

In previous tracking of Booking data for BPCOD and EPCODs are enabled. but now, the tracking option is also enabled for SPCOD articles. we can check whether the booking message of SPCOD article is available or not by using the below URL.

Login using India Post credential which is already communicated by Directorate.
  1. Go to COD MIS in Speed Net MIS Option.
  2. Click on COD Article Tracking then enter the article number of SPCOD.
  3. Track the details of booking data.
  4. If Booking details not available then contact Booking office for re-transmitting of data.

Add/ Delete / Modify the Post Office details in R Net MIS

Add /Modify / Delete the PO details in CEPT Server

addition / deletion / modification of post office name and other details should be done in central server by the CEPT, Mysore only. Those information will be modified after received the request from Divisional Head.

In this regard, the following proforma has been given by the CEPT. It should be downloaded from the R Net MIS site using India Post Login credentials and the same may be filled up with correct information and forwarded to CEPT through Mail / fax for Modification.

Formatted files are available in the below mentioned link:(Official Link)

Login > Click Download > Select the form which you actually needed