Monday, September 07, 2015

Postman Module Path/File Access error and Solution

Solution for Postman Path / File Access error

While closing the Parcel bag in Postman module it may show the error message 
Path/ File Access error. Click ok to retry.


  1. Install RNet communication at your office and share the path with full permission to all users. 
  2. Then provide shared RNet communication path in Postman supervisor -> My Office ->Environment -> General Tab. 

Data Profiling Tool v6.9 dated 03.09.2015

Execute DPT Tool 6_9_03-09-2015 and DB Analyzer consolidation report and ensure that zero discrepancy exists.

DPT Tool 6_9_03-09-2015 Link :

CBS Key DMCC Tool and new Procedure

  • Run CBSKeys_DMCC.exe
  • Enter Server name and SA Password.
  • Click “Connect Server”.
  • Click “Import Keys from PO”.
  • Choose the .dmcc file of the concerned PO.
  • After the message “Finished importing records” is thrown, click “Compare Migrated Data”. (If it is load layer report, check if there is any discontinued report. If there is, click “Discontinue file-load” and then click “Compare Migrated Data”)
  • Choose the T recon.csv of the PO
  • After the message “Finished comparison”, run “ReconreportGenerationtool.exe”
  • Enter Server name and SA Password.
  • Click the Type ”DMCC” and Report Type “Trans(T)”.(If it is for load layer, choose the report type “Load”)
  • Click “Generate”
  • Two recon reports will be generated in the folder where “ReconreportGenerationtool.exe” exists. One is in excel format and the another in MOH extension
  • Open the T recon report which is in excel format.
  • Check if there is any difference/issue in the T recon report.
  • Even though PO can generate the same T recon report for easy verification, Circle DMCC also must generate the T recon report and share it to PO for sign off as practiced earlier.
  • T recon report generated by Circle DMCC will be taken as authenticated one. 
  • Send the following files to DMCC-Chennai in addition to the tracker and sign off mail for each PO.

  1. T recon report.xlsx
  2. T recon report.MOH(e.g In case the PO name is Sandwa, the two recon reports generated by recon generation ) tool will be as follows.
 (i). T_Recon_Report_DMCC_SANDWA_331517_02092015.xlsx
(ii). T_Recon_Report_enc_DMCC_SANDWA_331517_02092015.moh)

Download latest CBS Key Tool

Latest Tool for CBS Migration in Post Offices

All the System Administrator are requested to ensure that latest Tools are being used for CBS Migration.
  1. DM_Utility_tool_v4.2_03092015  Download
  2. DataprofilingTool_6_9_03092015 Download
  3. CBSkey_PO_4_03092015 with new procedure (see readme file in this folder).
  4. Readme file for Circle DMCC (new procedure for cbskey_dmcc)

     5. ReconreportGenerationtool (dt.03092015)

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